One thing about us having a dry afternoon with gales, washing can be quadruple pegged on the line and be battered dry by the forceful winds. Of Course, that doesn’t account for our birdie friends who quite like shitting on the washing, in particular, my drying towels. They left their dirty grey mucky calling card on the largest towel, great splashes of it and the towel was bone dry…..typical.

So, three hours after it was pegged out the first time, the soggy towel was pegged out again. >:XX

It’s just gone 8pm and it’s light outside, however temperatures have dropped, it is very chilly. I can let the towel blow for a bit longer. Our feathered friends are resting now and are highly unlikely to notify me of anymore visits.




  1. :)) know the feeling – I am the veteran of many rewashes … what I hate most is when it’s a sheet … that’s two ‘ee’s, not an ‘i’ – though come to think of it …

  2. Wonder why they like to dawn of great splashes of colour ….. cars are blobs of colour and towels must be too. Odd, or they just like easy targets.

    Maybe way the car, then they can empty themselves on that, then hang out the washing … mind you we have a nickname for seagulls round these parts “shithawks”, nasty buggers.

  3. If it were a dog or cat, or, other wild animal on four legs, you’d call similar behaviour marking out territory, Amgrove. On that basis,transient targets can’t be much use. There must be more at play, like excreting warnings on shiny objects such as cars; as for fluttering many coloured washed items on a line, that’s anyone’s guess.

    Seagulls get called all sorts of things our way, though your …awk is not one I have heard, at least not in genteel company.

  4. We could get into a competition about the saltiness of our local seafaring populations. πŸ˜‰ What is said out of my earshot is anyone’s guess, that’s if they want to.

    The resultant fish are quite handy πŸ™‚

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