Last night I did a bit of tidy up of my searches and data cleansed lurking cookies, all as part of a drive to thwart the “We know you” business games of the commercial computer system algorithms: it’s all a bit tiring. What you have to do to get the best deals as a new customer when you are not!

I was careful not to cleanse all my passwords. I’ve been caught out like that before.

However…. there’s always a ‘but’ or, a ‘however’; so far my web mail required a sign in, (security you know).

BCUK were not taking any new registrations. New registrations? I am not a new registrant. I clicked the ‘sign in’ button not the ‘join’ button. But then, I thought, benevolently, it is BCUK, whose computer systems are not the shiniest I.T cherry on the stick. :no:

While I was feeling benevolent, I signed in again…and here I am folks. :DD



  1. Hi Bushka,

    I saw you’d returned from a weekend awol. 😉

    I often pop in and look around my site here without having to sign in every time. In the vernacular, it appears that BCUK have their link knickers in a twist.

    I have seen the no new registrants before, I wonder if it is the same notice. No updating could signal cut backs.

  2. BCUK goes into silly season throughout July/August – other years, regular posters have been blocked as summers, and some had their blogs deleted. Even since it was sold to Populis a few years ago it has been very much the forgotten relation, but we persistent buggers soldier on out of stubbornness.

  3. Hi Amgroves,

    I remember the sale to Populis. The sister sites in other countries in Europe that I know of, complain of deluges of commercial stuff in one form or another, and a messy site experience.

    You’re right about the silly season BCUK style.

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