Yay! We’ve had our first two half days of real warm summery weather. Yesterday the temperatures rose from about lunchtime. I beetled off to a garden centre to find some interesting outdoor plant pots.  Two that took my fancy were really meant for hanging on a wall.  I had other plans.  One pot was quite like a Roman amphora.

Amphora Plant pot

The pots were planted up and left to adjust to their new surroundings overnight. These plants looked quite settled and hopefully, are raring to grow.

This morning I was busy and  also for a large part of this afternoon.  By mid afternoon clouds obscured summer skies, but, it remained warm. It was however, very, very windy.  It’s sods law isn’t it. The neighbour’s sheep were sheared today, when the shearers had finished the temperature dropped. Then it rained!

This one appears to lean forward, which, perhaps is what it might do if it were attached to a wall. I nipped out to snap pictures quickly in a bit of a rain lull. The raindrops show up well  🙂


Westerly winds are really blowing the ‘Million Bells’ plant to one side. I am hoping it will take firm root, spread and trail over the sides of the pot, if the weather gives it half a chance.  Should the winds persist, I might have to think about moving the plant pot to a more protected spot.  At present the pot is quite high up and resting against a wall.


8 thoughts on “PLANTING UP POTS

  1. Oh…I do like those pots! I am delighted to hear you have had two afternoons of sunshine, how you deserve it…..what a shame about the wind though! I really hope you get some decent weather and that your plants get a chance to grow, you must be in need of a good bask in the

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