I have had a message detailing that this blog platform will be closing down. There are also links given to advise how to transport blogs elsewhere. I have not seen any postings about this closure from anyone else. Have any of you received this message?



  1. I have to agree with you. Yes it is sad to see the demise of something that was so dynamic. As you know Munzly, lots of bloggers we both know, already blog on WordPress and Blogster. We are being advised to transport our blogs, (a task and a half methinks) to WP, therefore, keeping in touch with people we know should not be so difficult.

    Will you link up with fellow blog friends there Munzly? It would be great if you did. I have a site there and on Blogster, which has been my main platform for sometime. 99% of my posts go on there I shall start posting both url’s again.


    Most recent post on Blogspot is:




    Most recent post on WP is:

    There are ‘following’ links on both sites.

    Hope you’ll keep in touch. XX

  2. Hi Jane/Avenscent,

    As you already have a site on WP, it is a very easy process to transfer stuff over to WP if you want to. The links in the letter to instructions on how to do migrate posts and media in posts, are straightforward.

    Re paint group, you may find enough people from it may migrate and form an ongoing group on this site. I don’t know enough about the workings of WP to say how it is done, but, I can’t imagine it would be too complicated.

    It would be nice to continue to see you around. 🙂

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