On Wednesday 15th July: with the local walk for health group, we walked at a reasonable pace – not too fast – for about three miles around the town.  The walkers always finish with a sociable get-together with hospitality provided by one of the local churches.  If you need to use a toilet, there are new, well maintained public ones almost next door to the church.

You don’t expect to end up speaking French, a bit of German and Spanish,  do you, to a Canadian visitor in the washroom.  But there you go, that’s what happened… Scout motto ‘Be Prepared”!

Hasta La Vista!

On the 17th July, nearly all my Livingston Daisies were  wide open to the bright skies.  It is the very first time this summer season I have seen them openly smiling. It was one of our rare bright and mild days and that’s what probably clinched it for them.  They knew it was safe to open up.

A cheery sight

A cheery sight

The County Agricultural show ground had been approved for use on Saturday 18th July… Most days this week it had rained and sometimes it was torrential.  There was nowhere else that all the visiting traders, large agricultural machinery salespeople, woodland model makers, (very large models), the wood pulping, cutting, pellet-making machine demonstrations and other similar demonstrators could be catered for.  As we drove towards the show, we passed a lot of animal show traffic going the opposite way and earlier than usual. It was telling us something.

A Claggy Mire

A Claggy Mire

What a squidging, squelching, claggy mire confronted us. Wellies, knee high ones, were definitely the order of the day. In an instant my boots were gunged up with mud that you sank in.  It was  hippopotamus  heaven.

Gingerly Stepping In

Gingerly Stepping In

A Big Squelch

A Big Squelch

You had to be made of stern stuff to squelch through this.  It got tiring lifting feet held firmly by waves of mud. You could feel the pull on the boots.  This was no place for any kind of shoes.

No Place for This

No Place for This

A specialist mobile coffee seller goes to the shows: paying to go in to the ground just to have a wonderful cup of coffee is saying a lot, but it was soooo good.  It was hard going underfoot, very tiring pulling up feet and legs out of the sucking mire, you just could not move at any speed.  When I eventually returned to the coffee van for another cuppa, it was shutting up shop….Shame, but that’s life.

Show-Goers Coffee Treat

Show-Goers Coffee Treat

This picture was taken a couple of years ago on a perfect show day.  We do get them sometimes.    🙂



  1. Just look at all that mud 😦 such a shame! Hope it wasn’t too much effort for your recovering foot/feet. The daisies are beautiful and lift the spirits.

  2. The foot stood up to it (erm…sank into it) pretty well; later on it fizzed and pinged a bit, Gilly.

    Most people commented that they had never seen that particular showground so very bad. It was awful. The dubiety of the approval to use the ground was borne out. There has been so much wet weather over such a prolonged period that really the fields have not had a long enough time to drain.

  3. Lol….how I wish I could speak a little French, German and Spanish!!! Love your “Be prepared” motto….although I would have resorted to hand gestures, which I occasionally have a little success with!
    Thank God for small mercies eh….so glad the daisies felt safe enough to open, here’s to more days like that!
    Struth! Just LOOK at that mud! I’m glad your foot was up to it, although it must have been quite testing…..btw…loving those, ever so pretty, dress shoes!xxx

  4. ‘Struth’ is about right, Snowbird, for the conditions underfoot at this year’s County Show. Numbers were significantly down on previous years at the same venue. (The show is at the depicted grounds bi-annually).

    The bride kindly posed the shoe for me. She wore the pair at her wedding ceremony. (Before you ask, no, I was not the official photographer!) I found the bridal party ‘hiding’, awaiting their cue, stopped to chat and took my opportunity for a few pre-wedding ceremony snaps.

  5. I love those daisies! Like to walk too, and do it every day… but there’s no way someone could get me to walk through your mire. You must be very brave.

  6. Hi Shimon,

    I don’t know if bravery comes into it. Foolhardiness, perhaps, but thank you.

    The daisies are working as weather vanes this year, altogether a bit depressing; they’re really lively when they do decide to show their full colours.

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