Phone rings.

Faint voice, which was crossing continents “Hello  Ma’am”

….”We have heard you had a motor accident two years ago. That is right isn’t it?”

Note… No specific type of motoring accident is given and the question is phrased for me to be tricked into their lair.

I respond with a question of my own…. who gave you that information?

“Your insurance company Ma’am.

and what information were you given?

“We have heard you had a motor accident two years ago. “That is right isn’t it?”

I’m not answering your question

Him –  insistently stating…..It is right isn’t it Ma’am?

I am not answering your question

Him- hurriedly, “Thank you for your time; goodbye”




  1. the biggest problem is that these scoundrels are always coming up with something new… they have the motivation. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to realize that there is something fishy about their approach. Thanks anyway for the warning.

    • Yes Gill, those phishing calls can be plausible
      . There’s no way I had any connection with the suggested content of the call, but just suppose I had…..

  2. These people are a nightmare, I keep getting similar calls, usually telling me my computer is broken. My hubs has great fun with them, he keeps them hanging on for ages while he potters around, they think he’s doing what they are asking to his computer!xxx

  3. I have got one by email saying someone with my surname has died in some foreign country and I can have half the money if I give them my bank details!!I also get text messages with the same thing you have here.As you say some are very plausible.
    Don’t give to a Charity by texting.I did and then they phone you to try to get more/

  4. The whole nasty process is wearing, isn’t it Katherine. Alerts can be helpful which, is why I posted. I think a useful maxim is, if giving to charity, do it in person, if not, be very sure about the process used to give. How horrid being harassed by charities…it really is off-putting.

  5. I agree with the others you have to be on the ball constantly people trying to scam you I nearly fell for one a few years ago but realised in time ….

    • Agreed 100% Llianann. Glad you had your wits about you. The scammers tried the wrong person there.

      I did chortle at one or two people, probably women from a certain continent, who came via BCUK and wanted to be “more than a friend darling”. Chortling aside, there’s a very serious side to that sort of touting too.

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