I searched high and low for two weeks for a favoured beret.  The local well kept public toilets was the place I believed I had mislaid it, if not there, then the church where the walkers I stomp around with, partook of their refreshment, (including home-made cake). 

Friends checked the church after their Sunday service, to no avail.  The nice guy I saw at the council enquiry desk said they could contact the people who clean the public W.C’s.  It’s a contracted out service.  I trudged around all the shops I remembered at some point in recent time visiting. The lady in the cafe searched in her store cupboard; I also looked through all my shopping bags,  my coat pockets, and checked to see if my beret was tucked inside any other hat.

Then, when my very old dark blue fleece got an airing. I was puzzled by a bit of padding on the left side.  There was nothing in the pocket.  Oh! brainwave…quickly unzipping the fleece, I probed around in an lining pocket, pulled out to the light a bunched up soft wadge. YAY!!!!!!! my beret. The embarrassing thing is, I just do not remember when I last wore the old blue fleece.  Beret and that fleece just do not connect up, no wonder I didn’t find it.

Now, I must tell all those kind people who went searching for my hat that it has turned up. 


4 thoughts on “HOW DID THAT GET THERE ????

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