BCUK Ex-Pats…Question Pop-In Corner?

The ‘ask or answer’  pop-in corner that BCUK ex-pats  called into when there was a site I.T. problem, or, there was  a ‘how to’ question  to resolve, may be missed by many  who are learning their way around WP.   ‘Happy WP Engineers’ are nice people for issues that are a bit complex.  There is informal help from kindly bloggers we individually know.  While I was peeling an onion, I thought, (it’s what onion-peeling generates….) how good it would be if all the formal and informal information we glean could be harnessed into a similar informal central  sharing point here at WP.




4 thoughts on “BCUK Ex-Pats…Question Pop-In Corner?

  1. Hello Snowbird,

    As there are so many newbies, there may be some caution about this thought of mine. They are busy feeling their way around building their own templates and sites. Taking on the further ‘sweat of working out how would such a corner could and would be constructed and easily connected to, may just be too much to think about at present. Brain overload comes to mind!

    I took the header pic at the Dead Sea. Pleased you like it. Thanks.

    • Hi AnneMarie,

      Is co-authoring the way it’s done? I was thinking more on the lines of a pop-in parlour that people choose to link to, to create an informal forum for questions and answers. It sounds a bit vague, I know.

      WP don’t seem too bad at fielding assistance. Perhaps that will be enough.

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