I’ve been a bit busy being one of the millions of people at the Edinburgh Festivals, which, is why I have neglected writing here. Once I get home, unpacked and am re-orientated, (the way things look that could take some time) and sort out my photos, I will  tap the keys again.

The August weather was very kind to Edinburgh this year, for one thing, there were no monsoons!  There were very occasional momentary showers; it was warm by my standards and I revelled in wearing my short sleeved tops and cropped trousers that had not seen the light of day for two years… home it has been just too cold to even think of wearing lightweight clothes, or, exposing an ankle or a forearm.

Performers from Englanf kept saying how cold the temperatures were. They must have been basking in heat, such as we are not at all familiar with.  Never mind, I ‘m sure those people will have acclimatised when it’s time for them to depart.


18 thoughts on “NOT HOME BUT HERE

  1. I’ve just been watching the Tattoo! I’ve only once been to Edinburgh, fleetingly, was the station. One day I must return and see more.
    That’s a beautiful, tranquil header.

    • Hi Gill,

      Waverley or Haymarket Station? They each have their attractions. 🙂

      Edinburgh in a very beautiful city with presence. I have had a chance to explore many more corners of it this visit. At festival time nooks and crannies open up as all sorts of interesting social areas, which get hidden from view till the next year’s festival. It is all quite remarkable.

      The header is at the Dead Sea, a pic I took just as night was about to fall. Thanks.

  2. Hi Bushka,

    It is quite a steady upward gradient on The Royal Mile to to Edinburgh Castle, that’s for sure. I stretched my legs up towards The Mound from Princes Street, which has a similar feel to it. 🙂

  3. Wow how lovely to get to the festival bet it was most enjoyable seeing so many acts and the weather behaved at least myself I have been away to the West Country and have pics must learn how to post them :)) x

    • Hello Lilian,

      Festival was busy, varied and full of surprises. The best ones come from talking to other festival- goers, although I did get to chat to some show people who were also happy to speak to people.

      It is years since I saw the West Country. It must be lovely just now.

  4. Short sleeves north of the border 😮 must have been a heat wave, lol. Love the idea of going for the comedy & the tattoo, hate the thought of the cram of people and un-wheelie-friendly terrain

    • How did you create that emoticon AnneMarie?

      There were quite a number of wheelchair users buzzing around the half price ticket hut on Princes St. I also saw many at the shows. People with infirmities, using sticks and crutches, seemed to have their ways of managing. I don’t know what transport services might have been used in addition to the buses, which are good.

      I didn’t see the Tattoo, however, it ended each night with a fireworks display, so, I caught a bit of that one night.

      There are over 3000 events to choose from. It is almost impossible to make choices as there are so many. 🙂

    • Ciao Snowbird.

      Edinburgh is worth a visit anytime. I visited Festival accidentally a few years ago, like it and promised a return visit. My next experience was a day and a half! It made me determined to do more.

      It has been good to wear summer wear, which looks as if it will have to be packed away now that I am home. Rain, rain and rain is forecast. The silver lining is, the laundry will have to wait for a fine day 😉

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