A replacement credit card automatically arrived for one which had not expired and was not due to expire. It had features I  never had, that I did not want, and an alien name style.  This definitely merited a phone call.

Once I had bypassed the system menus, it was, said the voice, a  busy time, (late Sunday evening must be popular) and there was at least a ten minutes wait. About two minutes of the wait was taken up with a lesson on avoiding telephone fraudsters and tricksters.  Music and apologies followed on, sequentially.

Various bits of security were dealt with; there was no problem re-issuing a card without the pesky features – yes I could opt out of those.  OPT OUT…… Great trick…they impose and the customer has to dispose.

“As my present card is in date, is it necessary to issue another one?” I asked.

It was necessary to issue another one, as the unsolicited replacement will have cancelled out the card I already had.

To have another card issued in the name style I wanted, (and always had) I would need to write in with proof of identity…..!

“excuse me – I did not change my name style, you did.  I want you to restore it”. 

Agreement was reached.

14 thoughts on “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

    • Thank you Shimon. Like you, I would like to withdraw from some of the hustle of daily life and conserve a bit of personal energy. It may be easier to do when you are living near the centre of activity.

  1. It’s always a pain when they do things like this, and then there’s the time wasted sorting it out. They never seem to get better they, in fact often just the opposite. xx

    • Hi Mr F,

      It is a pain, one which we appear to have little control over unless we can challenge any of it. I guess every age has its daily living complications. Who does I.T makes all things easier for? xx

      P.S. how are you?

  2. How irritating – and tedious. Companies invade our private space and our choices more and more – it seems to be coming in by the back door until we are all so worn down with it that we start accepting it as normal. Congratulations on not doing so, and bouncing their ball very firmly into their court.

    • You know, Gill, I feel tired at the thought of all that mental traipsing; inertia would be inviting. But, third parties changing the style of my name and presenting me with it; most definitely not! Also, all the marketing trickery is wearing. We should not and cannot let it become the norm. I know plenty of people who would let the imposition of changes, (progress it might be euphemistically called) pass for the sake of a quiet life.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Oh, how familiar that sounds! I had a really similar experience trying to cancel an extra credit card that was issued without my request. They look at you as if you were crazy because it’s oh ever so hard to get such a credit card granted when you want it and I should feel ever so honored for having received one. But I just sat there, repeating my “no, thank you!” persistently and consistently. Let them give it to someone who is asking for one and can’t get it!


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