New WP Post Editor Problems–Advice Please

Two days ago, I wrote and published a post through the new post editor. The title of the post was visible above my header picture but no post showed up on the site.  I re-wrote the post through the old WP admin route and published it successfully that way. The title of the post remained though, above my header picture.

I thought about this strange phenomenon and yesterday, I discovered that the post I had written showed up as a ‘page’,  and that’s why the title appeared above the header picture.  Why or how, it works like that I don’t know.  Anyway, I deleted the page and restored my site to how it should be.  I assumed I had either selected the wrong button or there had  been wobbly gremlins at work.

Tonight, I wrote a short post using the new post editor again.  This time, I carefully noted which selection I made, i.e ‘Add’. I published the post.  The title of the post appeared above the header picture and this time, the post was on the site as well!!

Action: I deleted the ‘page’; the title disappeared from the header.   Unfortunately the post was deleted as well.  I have no idea if I can retrieve the post from the bowels of WP, or, if the post has disappeared for good.  Has anybody any ideas please how this ‘page’ issue can be corrected?

One thing is for sure, I shall keep to the old WP Admin dashboard and access the post editor from there for the foreseeable future.  At least it is stable.

14 thoughts on “New WP Post Editor Problems–Advice Please

  1. This post looks fine… the header picture too. I would suggest that in a situation such as this, it is best to down a glass of fine Scotch whisky, and meditate on it.

    • Hi Shimon,

      Too early for a Whisky… 🙂 maybe later.

      This post is fine because I created it through the old WP Admin editor.

      The one you don’t see, which was about a different subject, is the one that disappeared off the face of WP because of the issues mentioned.

      Hm. Perhaps two whiskies would be in order!

    • Hi Gill,

      As a matter of fact, I have been in touch with the team. I also wrote and said I appeared to have corrected the problem with the first page/post issue. After the second googlie and after I had lost everything with the deletion process, I found a response from the team requesting that if it happened again, I should take a screen shot of the event and send it to them. What a pity I could not do that.

      I have referred the team to this post for the details of ‘what happened next’. I am not keen to use the new post editor after what has happened. WP are in the midst of updating their site, as yet, they have not started on the dashboard admin.

      • They have recently updated their post editor – a few months ago – and it took me a while to get used to it. I much preferred the old one – there were more options. But the internet is nothing if it does not progress faster than I can keep up.

  2. I prefer the options on the old post editor too, Gilly. For one thing, they are more intuitive to use and thus, easier to work with. There’s progress and progress methinks.

    I had feed back from the team this afternoon that it is a known glitch, one which they have been unable to replicate to work on it. They’ve asked me for some basic information about what systems I have and….Would I help, screen-shooting all the way. They graciously acceded it was a lot to ask.

    I’d better get on with acceding to domesticity at this end, to allow my frazzled brain to reconstruct itself.

    • Hi Mr F,

      It seems that there is not a ringing endorsement of the new editor. It is not as clear to work with as the old editor, nor does it appear to have all the features accessible.

      The Happiness Tech Team have asked if I would assist with the issue I raised. It is a known problem that they say they cannot replicate in order to get a handle on it to fix. If I do, It would mean taking screenshots at every stage of creating and uploading a post, and after. They realise it is a big ask.


  3. That’s interesting, Katherine, I’ll bear it in mind, if I should ever have the misfortune to have the same experience. I have given up on the new editor, its design is not yet fully functional, it’s still got some way to go to be reliable, according to my analysis of some of the feedback I have had from the ‘happy engineers’.

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