Updating my recent post on institutional identification

A letter arrived yesterday, not exactly an apology, or anything like one.  It did state that we should both be assured of  security when my new replacement card arrives in the form and style I expected.

A letter arrived today with the second  new card—-when I saw what was imprinted on it I hissed louder than a boiling kettle.  In grim mood, I made a call.  It was a pity that a different operative had to take the flak.

Forty minutes later, after the admin office had done a bit of checking into my association with them, I was offered compensation for the inconvenience and the problems caused. A third new card is on its way.




    • Hi Katherine,

      I am very sorry to hear of your bereavement.

      The answer to your question may be… not you.

      Perhaps the Citizen’s Advice Bureau could support you with advice and your claim.

      • I know what to do.. it’s just they have taxed it too heavily and it’s really hard t get it back even though they admit it is wrong.I am just exhausted and feel I shall be next to go if they don’t get it sorted out.xx

  1. I know those frustrations and feelings. My sympathies. I guess there must be a hierarchy to go through, and an HMRC Ombudsman, if it gets to that stage.

    A claim for an overpayment of my tax, I sorted out some years ago, took a lot of time and energy. One person eventually took responsibility and resolved the matter for me. It was during one of the many periods of change in HMRC. They are too lean and too mean now.

    Good luck with that.

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