I recently received a letter in an A4 size envelope.  It was asking me to complete ‘the attached form’  retrospectively

and for my convenience they enclosed a thin plastic biro ……………………………………….

 It even had a commercial logo along it.


Green Smilies



8 thoughts on “WILL YOU SIGN

    • I agree Gilly. We both burst out laughing at the absolute cheek of it. The pen is such a scrappy little thing, like the kind that don’t usually work. There was a return envelope.

      The emoticon appealed, for thinking you have correctly adjudged. 🙂

    • Hi Mr F,

      I signed one form in the presence of a third party at the appropriate time. I queried then why there was not a copy for me…oh it would be posted. Yep, a form was posted, not a copy of the original, with the ‘seductive’ (not) plastic pen. As mentioned to Snowbird, I haven’t found out if it works yet. Apart from the initial reaction, I am nonplussed at the cheek of the whole set up. xxx

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