We have landed into the start of winter with a bump. I always need body clock catch up time with the seasonal change in clock times. This one should have been easier with the seductive extra hour (they say) in bed at the very beginning of the changeover. Who sleeps longer…I don’t. I don’t believe you’re really meant to. Daylight saving time doesn’t really work for us, as it is our dark time of year.  As we march on toward the Winter Solstice we don’t get much real daylight.  On the other hand, from March we have much more daylight constantly increasing through to the time of the Summer Solstice, by which time, it does not really get totally dark.  Anyway, since our clocks changed this time round, I haven’t stopped yawning.

All the turmoil around the globe vexes me. Some people are living in and on powder kegs, others are forced to flee them. Many do not make it. Those whose courage sustains them, do not have the luxury of gentle thoughts such as mine about seasonal clock times; they just want to stay alive.



  1. I really wish that they do away with the clock changes, even though it’s not something that really affects me.
    Your second paragraph certainly is a thoughtful one. xx

    • I understand where you are coming from Mr F, however, knowing as I do, just how vital a tiny glimmer of light can be after the school day for kids returning home, and for daily business life, I do appreciate why the time changeover is socially desirable and important to safety. The other end of the day, mornings, are something that is difficult to reorganise. Light appears about though, I suppose you could talk about a bit of a lightening up with a dawn of sorts.

      I am very much thinking about those poor disrupted souls who are stuck and those who are on the move. XXX

      P.S how are you doing?

      • I’ve little doubt that it won’t change in the foreseeable future.
        With the onset of winter those people will sadly suffer even more.
        I’m good thanks, and surprised at how well I feel given that my op was less than two weeks ago. Got a hospital check-up in mid-December when hopefully I’ll be given the thumbs up so to speak. xx

  2. I too am confused by the clock moving and seem to be endlessly yawning! Yes, it a terrible time for so many isn’t it and feeling unable to help makes it worse. xxx

    • It’s 11am on an overcast but relatively mild November day, and Snowbird, I am yawning…by now I should have adapted. Glad to know I am not the only one who is doing the yawn Olympics!

      You hit the nail on the head …us feeling helpless to do anything really useful on the front line. Also, the stories of our generosity not reaching the those we have given for, in anything like the level of the donations sums entrusted for the purpose, doesn’t help either. xxx

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