Weather – what to say; it’s weather of a kind and variable to where we happen to live. I won’t bore you with details of the light coverings of snow; icy roads; heavy hail beating upon the windows leaving ice balls piling up on the sills; and then the increasingly fearsome noisy wind speeds.


I have not fully opened the curtains today, just drawn them a single window’s width. I thought I had better let in some of the limited rations of daylight we have, irrespective of how dour it looked.  Here, it’s a day for checking outside,  from inside, very occasionally, and definitely not being out in the weather.


We will have similar and various experiences of weather hurtled at us throughout the U.K according to the Meteorological Office,(Clodagh is the latest named storm). What a number of us will share, I think, is the way we react to the weather. I am wearing layers of clothes indoors and as night draws in again, it feels like I will need another layer or two.  At not too hard a push, a cosy blanket to hug round me while I curl up in a chair  would do very nicely thank you.  We have hunkered down and battened the hatches.


Photo 3 by Slanket.



  1. Looks cheerfully cosy on that couch! Windy down here on the south coast….not too icy, though.
    The morrow might be kinder….Don’t think we need to batten the hatches here… 😉 Stay Warm! Stay Safe! Hugs!

  2. It’s just been a miserably wet and windy day here in London today. Like you I’ve just occasionally looked out of the window before heading back to the sofa. Take care. xx

    • Hello Mr F,

      There’s no point in braving difficult weather, if you don’t have to. It was quite pleasant giving myself permission to sit, rest, read a book and watch TV, with my cosy and toasty wrap around available.

  3. I do like that rainbow you captured, there you go, always a silver lining! It certainly is about keeping warm, being cold is dismal! That wrap piccie is fabulous….I do believe it has arm! How cosy…I wants one!!!xxx

    • Yes, Snowbird, those wraps do have arms. I have one in a very different colour, a second choice, ‘cos the company I bought it through had sold out of the gorgeous deep wine red. Mine is a Slanket as opposed to other varieties around. I believe they may be available in two lengths now to suit both the ‘shorter and the ‘longer’ person. 🙂 The Americans were using them ages before we were.

      Thanks for comment on rainbow pic.


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