Fun day is when the festive lights are switched on. It is the day that most of the local shops put out treats for both little and big kids.  A number of shops will give shopping discounts. A raffle ticket may be on offer for something connected with the business, for no more than stepping over the threshold of the shop. I was offered a cup of coffee  and a sweet in an outdoor sports shop.

Reindeers were in a  pen with lots of straw at one end of the precinct. Children could have pictures taken with them. Encircling the pen were  very happy families in an orderly queue.


Many of the shop staff dress up to a theme. I didn’t guess the Strictly Come (acrobatic ballroom) Dancing  ‘competitors’ in the hardware store, even though one lady looked drop dead gorgeous in a sleek evening dress.


Cinderella, The Ugly Sisters, Prince Charming and The Fairy Godmother, appeared behind the baker shop counter.

“What can I get you?” asked the fairy godmother.

Me -“A glass slipper please“.

FG -looking  quite perplexed…….”What?”

Me- “A glass slipper please“.

FG -“You’ll have to get Cinderella over  for that…anything else?”

I pointed to a round wholemeal loaf, which FG wrapped in a small paper bag- I love bread wrapped in the good old fashioned paper bag -paid my dues and was offered a free raffle ticket for their draw.



9 thoughts on “FUN DAY

    • Cindy was nearby Bushka, but taken up with the baker shop cafe customers; also, other customers/visitors photographing her and Prince Charming together with the ugly sisters. A glass slipper could have melted in the time it might have taken to have Cinderella’s undivided attention. ❗

    • Hi Mr F,

      I didn’t ask when the raffle was being drawn. C’est la vie.

      I think the baker shop troupe were awarded a first prize for their super panto presentation. The costumes, make-up, wigs, strategically placed balloons etc, were very, very good. xx

  1. That all sounds great fun and wonderfully community-minded. I would have bought the same as you – nothing can beat a beautiful fresh wholemeal loaf! – unless it is a slice with proper butter.

  2. Hi Gilly,

    Past Fun Days, I have been out in town for hours with my camera, exploring all the businesses. Not this one, I left it a bit late, the weather was not very appealing. However, what I did see were real gems of community fun. I hope the traders benefitted from their efforts.

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