1.To Sender

A quiet knock at the door at tea time when it was dark, revealed a man dressed all over in red.  He proffered me a box. What gave him away was the electronic signing machine in his hand. There was no doubt he was a 21st century e-Santa.  I think his elves were getting a lift in his reduced sized  square covered carriage. (Austerity measures).   It kept them out of the damp and cold.  e-Santa loved my hat, he said.

The wee elves have been pestering me to open up the box. Being sensitive to their demands, I did so, with the assistance of the large elf who resides here.  Nestling within the box were several beautiful packages. I have explained to the elves that for the time being, the packages will stay pristine and  reside in the big box in which they arrived.  Having found a ‘from’ label on the box, we know that you instructed the man in red and the little elfen people to endow us with this visitation and the gifts.  For this we mightily thank you.

2. From Sender

Glad it arrived OK. Given the way the weather’s been, I did ask Santa to take extra care. He asked, “Why?”. I replied, ” It looks like rain, dear”.


13 thoughts on “OF SANTA AND ELVES

  1. Keeping little elves under instruction can be quite taxing, the connive to find an inconvenient moment [usually involves a bathroom is it] to rustle and squeeze a packet or three 🙂

    Seasons Greetings to you and a safe passage into 2016

    • 🙂 🙂 Little Elves goad the big one, that’s even more taxing, AnneMarie. I’ve been wondering why the tube of toothpaste has suddenly seemed squeezed out of ‘juice’. Nothing for it but to put another tube on standby but, hide it for the time being. I’ll have to check on elfen hibernation habits. ❓

      Thanks for your kind wishes. I wholeheartedly reciprocate; wishing you all the best for 2016. xx

    • Hi Gill,

      How are things with you? Have you got Santa Claus, St Nicholas, or the joys of both arriving at your current abode? The children must be getting very excited in the build up to the 25th.

      You’re right about the delightful fun…the reply to my correspondence really tickled my festive senses.

      As we are likely to be away from home for a few days over Christmas, most of the delight will be stored up for our return. It’s like having both a U.K Xmas and an Eastern European one.

      Wishing you a lovely festive time with the family and (and echoing AnneMarie) a safe passage into 2016.

      xx and a hug.

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