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There I was, after the New Year,  parked in front of my computer screen catching up with my present of  an e-Advent Calendar.  There were about ten days of catch-up. There are some windows to open with very clever creative work to do.  You decorate a Christmas tree, or, decide where to hang stockings for filling.  Then there was the window that hooks you in to play a memory game of matching up cards. With my less than alert grey matter, it took a long  but enjoyable time  to complete.  I was nearly timed out!

P1030440 Decorated Victoria Qtr

From November on through December is a busy time, so, play time is hard to justify to myself.  It’s nice, but just hard to fit in with all the other domestic demands. I reckon I have more administration to do for daily living than I used to have when I was at work!  How can that be?

I clicked through the days not yet explored, (to paraphrase a well known quote), listened to pretty brass band seasonal music; Christmas Carols; classics like the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and scrolled through the main animated 19th century scenes, busy with all sorts of delightful activities. That’s it done!  Well……no it wasn’t.  A date which I had missed,  with a logo, was blinking at me.  You can’t ignore it can you;  you can I suppose, but I didn’t.  I clicked on the winking date and was given a jigsaw puzzle to do, timed of course. I chose the maximum number of pieces on offer.  If a piece fitted it clicked into place, if it didn’t, it jumped out like a jack-in-a-box. I completed the puzzle in one minute and forty-three seconds.  Now, that was a surprise. And yes, this time, that was it…..all done!



  1. What fun! I haven’t come across these before. I shall want one for next Advent!

    Yes, why is there so much more domestic admin than when we were at work?? … part of the answer, I guess, lies in the fact that we’re home so much more.

    • Strange to tell, Gilly, the very first e-advent calendar I received two years ago was a daily activity, with, as far as I remember, a couple of games, the decoration of trees, which, did not seem to plug into my time frames quite so much.The idea wasn’t novel this time and I wonder if this was factor in my actions (or rather, inaction). Either, there are increasing complexities, or the synapses are telling me something. I prefer to think its the former.The calendars are clever and lovely. It was a pleasure to have it.

      Your thought about admin and being at home. Do we make more of admin, by not cutting corners quite as much as we might have done?

  2. I received an advent calendar last year, unfortunately it corrupted my computer when I opened it. Yours seems much better fun!!! I wish I had the chance to play with mine!
    Oh…why is there always SO much that needs to be done???xxx

    • You do have to be careful on the net. Even though I pay a well recognised and ‘safe’ e-card provider, very little can stop corruption if, for example, the greeting is arriving from a computer that is already corrupted. Regular housekeeping computer safety is paramount, whatever you use it for. Being aware of what malicious users do, is also vital. Corruption easily occurs with freebie e-greetings and I don’t open them. I am now wary of emails from a friend who says she has dealt with issues on her computer, which are obvious to recipients, by changing her password to stop the ‘nuisances’ from getting in to her system. An antivirus and malware scan of her system, in addition to password changes, would have made me a lot happier.

      Maybe you’ll get an opportunity to have fun with an e-advent calendar another time.

      Good Question Snowbird, why is there SO much that needs to be done?

      xxxx Happy New year!!

  3. I had this advent calender and found it enjoyable, interesting and informative. I also enjoyed your train e-card which I ‘played with’ most days as well. xx

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