Thirty-six hours of torrential rain and stormy winds. The noise….during the early hours I gave up on sleep, it sounded like anything that might have been fixed to this sodden earth was flying all over the place, banging into everything it its path. I got up; it was cold, I couldn’t see much out of the windows.  Sleep, when it came again was restless and half-hearted.



Roads today had turned into dirty fast flowing waterways.  The drains could not cope with the incessant and relentless deluge.  It was impossible to tell if some large lakes were where they should be, or, whether they were new additions. It looked like some sheep were paddling in generous pools in a few fields where grass was visible between the water.

Villagers were re-siting sandbags as a nearby river rose; someone was checking a drain. A woman, kitted up in wet weather gear, stood on a bridge taking pictures of a field that had disappeared under water.  The top of an ancient standing stone was the only visible place identifier. 

Ancient Standing Stones

Ancient Standing Stones

The main river is tidal. When the high tide passed, when the rain lessened and the winds reduced, a lot of the surface road water subsided. The ground is totally saturated, and with the over-topping of  rivers it remained impossible to distinguish where the riversides were.




  1. These storms are very powerful, and the experience of them just as much so. The last time we had something like that… about two weeks ago, I closed all the lights in my house and opened the blinds on the windows/ If there’s no lights inside, it is usually possible to really appreciate the storm while sitting in relative warmth. It is truly a great experience.

    • Hi Shimon,
      In my tired and dozy state, I looked through the window to see what destruction, if any, there was; no lights inside, yet, with the amount of rain streaming and the state of darkness we have, there really was nothing to be seen except a hazy rain-streamed reflection of me!

      I slept last night, it was much needed rest.

      Great to hear from you. 🙂

  2. Phew! 🙄 The Rain gods are not well pleased with us….wreaking havoc on some of our fellow beings. Trite to say…nonetheless…..Keep Dry….Keep Warm! Hugs!

  3. This amount of rain and the rage of the elements can have a profound effect emotionally as well as physically. Please stay warm and dry – and glad to hear you managed to get some rest.

    • Hi Gilly,

      There has been damage, yet when you tuned in to the weather forecast, you would have thought all we were getting were some ‘high winds and a bit of rain in the weather pattern that was running through’, etc, etc.

      When you think of what has been happening around Scotland and Northern England, it puts some perspective on events and the sufferings of those flooded out of house and home. There are so many disturbing and frightening elements.

      Thanks for your kind words Gilly.

  4. I can imagine how awful that was! I have spent nights wide awake wondering if the roof and other things were going to blow off, it’s downright scary!!!
    It’s also terrifying when it rains that long and hard….I hope all is well now and that the sheep remained safe, so much wildlife along with people suffer when it floods. The UK has had an awful time and yet still it rains, as you say the water no longer has anywhere to go….here’s to dryer days. I’ve had to get a guy in to shave my swollen front door and back gate, it got to the point where I couldn’t close either or even leave the house. The weather forecast seems to get it wrong on a daily basis! I hope all is well

    • Heavens! You’re having a difficult time with your gates and doors. Trouble is, when things dry out, if they ever do, you may have shrinkage to deal with. It is a real catch 22, Snowbird. We’ve had issues like that in the past. Hubs renewed the wooden back door seals with a flat style of seal, because rain got in, in large puddles, with the previous design of seal. The new seals had a severe test the last few days; no puddles, no drips….issue solved just now. Next, the front door will get a seal makeover.

      I researched swimming and paddling sheep: surprisingly, within reason, they can do both. But, in extremes they will suffer, as many animals will.

      Winter weather is settling in, the hilltops and mountaIns are snowcapped, lower down it is icy, it hails and throws down wet snow.

      🙂 xxxx

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