So far, Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, Frank, Gertrude visited, all, it seems, in quick succession.  Now we expect Henry’s imminent arrival.

Gertrude stormed in last Thursday night, (28th January 2106) and raged all of Friday. Late in the day there was a lull in Gertrude’s activity and I went out to get some provisions, such as were available. Bridges closed to traffic, meant absolutely no buses, no transport of any kind that would deliver anything and also trains were cancelled.

Passing through the check-out with my few bits of shopping; ‘passing the crack’ (chat) with the cashier, a young lad from the high school :

Him politely: It’s getting chilly out there now.

Me: Gertrude  has been raging all day.

Him: – mischievously- what set her off then!

Yesterday, Saturday, we had snow and windy gusts. It felt really cold…it pierced through you.  I was wearing four layers indoors and a long padded coat plus hat outdoors. By nightfall the snow was nowhere to be seen.

Heavy snowfall pitted its sound against the windows during the evening.  Eventually, peaking out from behind the curtains, I saw a settled covering of white.

Today, Sunday, the last day of January, we had snow lie all day.  It was another four layer dressing day. There were some light snow showers, also a period of bright snow reflected sunshine.  We went for a walk  zipped up in wadded coats, our hats on, thermal gloves to keep hands and fingers toastie warm and walking boots for grip.

Now we await the arrival of Storming Henry, chasing in close on the heels of Gertrude.  Oh joy! (Not).


  1. How shall we fix you, Dear Henry, Dear Henry????? Certainly not with a bucket… 😉
    Could not resist that…… Can hear Gertrude and Henry having it out…… 🙂
    Batten down the hatches? Stay Warm! Hugs!

    • Hi Mr F,

      I was having the same discussion with someone this morning, who was born and bred here. She’s never known anything like it, one storm after another without some respite.

      The Jet stream has a lot to answer for and it has since last year and a few years previously to that. It would be nice to have a spell of settled weather, though not ‘settled storms’.


  2. All the same, if you have a house that can stand the weather, I imagine there is something to appreciate even in a difficult storm. We had two storms in the last week, and fortunately I managed to keep warm through them, which was enough for me.

    • Hello Shimon,

      Ineed, we are grateful for big and small mercies. Battered by eight storms through this winter, already, has been very wearing for a chunk of the country’s population. My deep sympathies lie with those who were also devasted with floods, some more than once. The strength required of construction in Scotland is greater than that in other parts of the UK, for good reason. Even so, water ingress cannot be totally legislated out. A number of areas were overwhelmed, sad to say.

      Keeping warm and comfortable is the very best and yes, I agree, we have been very fortunate in that respect, so far.

      Great to hear from you. 🙂

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