Oh great….there’s a reply to the email.  I click on the link and open it up.

You daft thing! It’s the one you’ve already read…..and it’s not the one.

I guess we all do it.

Just in case you’re wondering; no, it’s not a billet doux, or a Valentine’s message.  I am waiting for a quotation.








  1. I’m continually amazed by the huge number of professional people who don’t answer emails – either that, or they don’t answer promprly! Hope your wait is not too long and frustrating.

    • Hi Gill,

      Sorry about delayed reply. It is a frustration waiting: it would be good to know if there is a problem, but that is an e pectation too far, I guess.

      Hope all is well with your grandmothering! 🙂

      • Returned yesterday at the end of half-terming with eldest granddaughter, back to the south east where two more await! We expect to be based here until the end of July. It’s great to spend time with them but we miss our own home, of course.

    • Delighted to hear from you Anne-Marie. Sorry for delayed answer to yours. You have a point. I guess in the days of waiting for snail mail, you either got mail, or you gave up a bit quicker.

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