Have you ever felt you wanted to write something meaningful and all you could muster was a blank, zilch, de nada, niente, rien? That’s where I am at; blank, blank and even blanker.  If I was  being counselled by Sigmund Freud, what would he have deduced?

Usually, I would find a picture or two to give a visual  flow to a post. I am stumped. I could post any number of empty picture frames, but what would be the point.  I wonder what a blank emoticon would look like, especially if it was not based on recognisable imagery….. I have definitely drawn a blank.



10 thoughts on “BLANK

  1. I reckon what you wrote here makes a great deal of sense…. 😉 Seriously, though, yes, we’ve all been here at some time…..Keep writing…even if it seems to be nada!!!! 😉

    • Hello Mr F,

      That’s good.

      I feel in a nebulous zone just now. Brussels is terrifyingly awful. With so much evil and trouble around, it is difficult, I think, to think about the minutiae and the not so small stuff that affects us daily in a whole bunch of ways. xx

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