Some of you from BCUK may remember Guinevere Glasford-Brown. Since those blog days, she has become a published author and got a Best Book review from The Times Literary Reviews as well.  Last week I heard she was in Brussels.  Also, last week, I heard she was safe.  I breathed again.  Atrocities are painful to hear about, and heaven only knows, we have heard about so many; too many. When you know of someone who may be caught up in an atrocity you are seized by an indescribable, awful sensation, which, muscles you did not know you had, hold down.  Guin was fortunate in her travels, others were not.  Since arriving home, she has written about some of her post trauma feelings on her Facebook Page, to get her feelings out.  Her words talk of her irritation with  family, they indicate her anger and emotional pain at what has been done to people….to people by people. Her words are powerful.

What Guin says applies to all the atrocities we hear of, be they of large groups or individuals, such as the Moslem shop-keeper in Glasgow who was murdered because he wished his customers and Christian friends a happy festival.

It is so sad, so sad.


6 thoughts on “POWERFUL WORDS

  1. It certainly is Menhir. I can’t bear to watch the news at all, there are so many awful callous crimes being committed by the second. I’m glad Guin was okay, I never knew her.xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,

      Guin blogged, often short and playful posts under another name, which, I cannot remember.

      The news is a battering ram of horrendous events; it is hard to keep taking it all in. Nonetheless, we cannot avoid it either. We do need to be aware. It is all such turmoil.

    • Hello Shimon,

      I am delighted to hear from you.

      Yes, your deep and enigmatic thoughts are spot on. Sometimes the speed of events and the shapes they take, leave me blank. Even reflection becomes hard to muster.

      Keep well. Jerusalem must be bursting with pretty spring blossoms just now.

      Shabbat Shalom.

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