The door of the coffee shop burst open.  A little girl who was chatting very loudly rushed in and was closely followed by several other children of a similar size.  The parents were hurrying to keep up with their exuberant little ones. Nursery school must have finished for the day.   The little girl grabbed a good seat for herself at a long table that was big enough to take the whole party.  As she settled herself in place, the little girl announced with a flourish…” I have reached my destiny”. 

smile emoticon kolobok

I reckon I could make a really good guess as to which satnav her family use.





8 thoughts on “SAT NAV KIDS

    • Hi Mr F,

      There was a great deal of amusement on the faces of other people, except, perhaps those who were visitors to the country; They missed out on a real gem. 🙂 xxx

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