The sun is shining, it is warm outside.  I am inside, I don’t mind because I am in the amazing position of watching men working who take a real pride in what they do. The preparation for laying large floor panels was painstaking and was mathematically creative.


It was great to watch both the drawing out of the various points the joiner wanted to work on and  seeing the actual work to finish the job he’d planned for.  The young plumber  arrived, set about his work very conscientiously, listening to what we required and checking with his team mate what other work had to be done. He was very careful, double-checking every pipe, every joint that he had neatly installed. He came to life when his work was appreciated.




The joiner, who is the lead person in this work, rarely stops. He is obviously house-trained, tidying up as he goes, sweeping any building residue into piles, which, will get sucked up into an industrial vacuum cleaner. There are a couple of other tradesmen due to arrive this week, it will be fascinating to compare how they operate.

The electrician was a bit grumpy, but a cup of coffee soon softened him up. The joiner guided our chat with him and all was well.  Again, a really careful tidy bit of installation.


I think we’ll be topsy -turvy till the weekend. After that, I hope I shall be able to move back into my kitchen.  Meantime, the kettle has been well used and the toaster has done a sterling job, when I can find the things I want to toast!




  1. Are you having a new kitchen fitted? What a pleasure to have skilled and conscientious workmen. I have a similar experience here in our daughter’s house with the workmen turning the garage into two bedrooms.

    • Yes, to your question Gill. It’s also having the services updated and a load more storage created…much need. The bathroom is doubling up as a mini washing up post for the umpteen drinks that are being provided for everyone, which includes us.

      Your daughter’s project sounds interesting. How long is it expected to take?

      • As she’s acquiring two stepchildren, the bedrooms need to be ready by June to allow time for decoration and furnishing. And I think they will be.

      • That’s quite an acquisition Gill. It’s a wonderful thing. I wish everyone the very best.

        Garages can be very flexible. Converting the garage is a great idea. 🙂

    • Shalom Shimon,

      Delighted to hear from you.

      A dear friend in Jerusalem died on the 21st April, which is why I did not make contact before. I hope you had a good Pesach festival.

      Lovely thoughts and lovely wishes and thank you.

      M xx

  2. It’s always good to see workman do a good job and clear up as they go. I’m sure that you’ll be glad when it’s all done and you can get back to normal. xx

    • Mr F,

      Never a truer word, even though they’re a nice bunch of people. The finishing bits, have the potential to be mucky, (tiling etc) won’t get done till next week….an so it goes on. There are also bits of units that have not appeared and other bits, that should have, and others that have to be adjusted to suit. The joys…

  3. Oh, I’m so pleased to hear that a good job is being done, it’s so hard to get a professional job done these days! I’m sure it’s utterly chaotic, I remember having my kitchen done many moons ago and the job dragged on forever with delays and shoddy work, I laughed at your attempts to find the bread, that sure brought memories back! I do hope you post some pics of your new kitchen….hoping all continues to go well!xxx

    • Chaos…absolutely.

      Hitches,small and large…oh yes, quite a few. They will be sorted.

      Went out and bought some rolls, easier to work with at the moment and easier to find!! xxx

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