It was Snowbird’s post in which UK floods were mentioned reminded me that back in March this year, (2016) I made a note:

“… There have been  floods where there have never been any, or, none for many years. Apparently, the recorded rainfall for Scotland, and the relative mildness of the winter for other parts of the UK winter 2015-16 has not been seen since records began,

or put differently;

similarities can be traced back to the late 1600’s,  about the time of  the Stuart kings.  (The Stuart kings followed on from the last of the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth 1st, Henry V111’s daughter by Anne Boleyn).”

-1So, that puts that weather in context…


    • Lovely to hear from you Mr F. In particular, because I am wondering what has been happening to intercommunication on WP It does not seem to be facilitated at the moment. Some people are not being notified of new posts of people they are usually in contact with, and I still am not receiving notifications of any replies to comments I might make. My settings seem okay…it is a mystery, almost as mysterious as the Medieval similarities to weather we have experienced! xxx

  1. I love that picture of the swan, gorgeous, and thank you for the mention. I find the weather to be as worrying as you do, hubs and I have been visiting the lakes for over twelve years and no matter what, water runs, drips, gurgles and flows, while brooks and the river always run at speed. This time there was an utter silence, no water at all, even the river was lethargic….
    As you say, both places were horribly flooded in December, and now seem to be getting little rainfall. I have no doubt that we shall see many strange weather patterns in the future. Enjoyed that crown and the weather comparison!xxx

    • You’re welcome Snowbird, mention where mention is due, I say.

      The swan was regally gliding down the water area known as The Shore, a non tidal area of the Waters Of Leith, I believe. I was lazily and vaguely watching it from a bridge, not really taking in its approach. It was almost level when it dawned on me that I might get an interesting photo perspective on it. What you see is the result of a jolt back to the moment. Thanks, I’m pleased you like it.

      The weather was perverse with the help of a negatively fixed air stream and el Nino last year. On the one hand the water levels have subsided from their flood levels, and the water tables have receded, giving the ground a chance to recover. It is hard to know whether recovery will go too far. Where on earth have all the usual flows gone? At the moment on a personal level, I am glad to be able to enjoy a bit of dry weather and sunshine, we are not known for vast quantities of it, with or without winds.

      The comparison of the weather was fascinating; historical references and other data hold many keys to information of all kinds to delve into. We are given exemplars are we not, that husbanding our resources like earlier generations is the way to go. I do not think that El Nino, or the Jet Stream would be respectful of that, neither would those previous generations have had an understanding of that particular science as it is known today. It raises questions and challenges.

  2. I ask myself again how much of our weather pattern is cyclical and how much is caused by modern humanity. There does not seem to be a definitive answer. However, that should not allow us to escape from taking responsibility for this planet we inhabit.

  3. Hi Gill,

    The very questions you posit are raised time and again. Single issue pressure groups can hold too much unelected power. Ecological and weather Research has been found to be contaminated with subjective preference (e.g UEA). It is, I feel, worthwhile to challenge the over-egging of many aspects of politics, and political statements which grow out of the noise. It is in the same league as the presentation of statistics and ……. Unfortunately, the basic message, contained in your last sentence often gets lost in the melee.

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