Talking about the garden again…my brain is connecting into peaceful communing with buttercups, daisies and wild orchids. It helps to cope with the chaotic and volatile political diatribes, the tribal nature of so-called debate, and the murder of Jo Cox M.P.


The plants received a generous dollop of water when I got the hose out last night. If I had waited a few more hours Mother Nature would have provided and copiously too.  So, everything is now well-watered.  All that back-breaking weeding I got stuck into has got a sabotaging helping hand and the weeds, no doubt, will thrust up through the soil again.

I swear the Scottish midge has got larger. They are not usually interested in me. I pride myself on usually being bite free.  Instead of seeing a mass of tiny dust-sized dots flitting about, I saw masses of individual wing-flapping insects. This lot liked me and I was eaten off piste two evening in a row. The back of my neck, my ears and my forehead were smitten with minute burning bites. Yeuch!  I itch as am reminded  of it.  I find I am scratching my face again.

I am really pleased to see that a bright yellow lily I planted last year has grown again, so, I bought another Lily to join it. It has  tight deceptively reddish coloured buds. They might turn out to be orange!   And …..the large flappy spotty leafy thing I bought at an Open Garden last year has reappeared. Yay!  Those spots are on the underside of the leaf that  takes shape. They eventually show as opaque markings on the upper side of it.


In fact, the plant might be giving me a double act. Since I took this photo a few days ago, a second stem has pushed through the surface. I hope the pot will be big enough. Don’t be fooled by the white I.D. stick. What was written on it in indelible ink has completed faded out.  This folks, is why it is ‘a flappy spotty leafy thing‘ till I can put a name to it.


  1. I have been finding refuge in the garden too! Oh no! Those mites sound huge….things with wings??? We have mozzies here now, never had them before either!
    You have given me a good laugh here….that ID tag is just fabulous! FABULOUS!!! And how well it fits the bill. You must post more on your flappy spotty wotnot!xxx

  2. The wet mildness is ideal for the Midge and your Mozz Smowbird, and they have had time to develop over the winter rather than be scared out of existence by low, low, temperatures. There’s no escape from the wee beasties is there. (Coming to think of it, there’s been little escape from the loud two -legged ones).

    Thanks for your sympathy, much appreciated. Bites have calmed down now. How are yours?

    I’ll probably post about it again, when ‘flappy spotty leafy thing’ has more to show. xxx

    • Incomprehensible lingo about Midge and Mozz? I don’t have another word for Scottish Midge, so local plant and life should be well familiarised with it, Bushka. Mozz, we-e-ll now, definitely a derivative and a cousin to mosquito. If it’s not those bits of lingo, which is it? At present, I can’t enlighten anyone any further about ‘the spotty, flappy, leafy thing’.


      • You and I may well be familiar with the lingo…perhaps the ‘midgets’ have lost touch…hence their pestering you…. 😉

  3. I sympathise about the midges. It’ll be interesting to see what your mystery plant is.
    I could have done with spending more time on the plot recently away from the craziness of recent weeks. xx

    • Like you, Mr F, I shall be interested to find out what the name of the plant is. Meantime, it will just have to stay as the ‘flappy,spotty, leafy, thing’.

      From your posts, you seem to have been doing quite a bit on the plot, all the early prep work and the gentle caring eye therefrom and thereon.

      The Midges are quite notable and so are their behaviours. Anyone with bee-keeping protective clothing will be okay, if they wear it. xxx

  4. Ha ha, I thoroughly approve of the renaming of your mystery plant! And I love the cobalt blue glaze of the pots, too. But sorry about the little beasty bites. That can be quite miserable. Are they immune to insect repellent?

    • Hi Gilly,

      Good to hear from you.

      Are the beasties immune to insect repellent…hm, I haven’t tried any yet, Good idea though. Tonight might be the night to try some, if I have any. I caved in and bought some trailing Lobelia which requires planting. It was more economic to buy three trays of six plants, than two. So, out into the insect fray it is.

      The pots sit well near each other even though they are different shades. The shapes more so than the colours appeal to me. It doesn’t mean to say though, that I dislike the different blues, in this instance, I am very happy with them, they are complementary. 🙂


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