Wow!  As I walked  through the check-out this afternoon, I received a fabulous bouquet from a manager with personal and grateful thanks on behalf of the store staff for ………………… giving a critical analysis –complaining– of my shopping experience today and on other recent shopping visits.

Just For Me

Just For Me

The area manager, (A.M) was on holiday (!) and as he was passing through the area, he thought he would just look in on his remote store and its flock, unannounced, to see how it was getting on.  A.M who was in smart casual clothes  was talking to an equally smart corporately suited lady, a store manager, when I strolled up with my almost empty trolley cart and asked why the store seemed to have lost its way in some departments, etc, etc.

Please, come and speak to this man, he’s the area manager ….we were just talking about this…..really we were. You couldn’t have come at a better time… really, were discussing it……it is better talking about it from the customer’s view………..

And so it was, I was taken completely by surprise, not just to depart with my purchases, but the effusive thanks of senior store staff, (who have felt they were  banging their heads against a brick wall,  unsupported, while trying to sort out the local issues) and I was given the glorious surprise gift of a beautiful bouquet.


  1. WOW indeed!!! You go girl!!! I love people who speak their mind and it certainly seems to have paid off for you, hopefully they’ll take your genuine comments on board and sort the issues. What a bonus getting the flowers! Fabulous!xxx

    • If the regional store management don’t take the concerns on board and don’t start supporting their staff, Snowbird, the buoyant business they had, not that long ago, will continue on a downward trajectory. There was a structural reorganization from on high, following which, good experienced retail staff left the business. Deliveries of stock to the store appear to be haphazard. Shop floor focus has clearly drifted. I pointed the guy in the direction of his charts and graphs where, I have no doubt, he will see quite clearly how my comments translate into sales reductions and missed opportunities.

      As it’s a 40 miles round trip to the other store; I go when I want stuff the smaller local store does not carry in stock. I want to do all my usual shopping at the same time. Instead, I have to go shopping twice because of the retailing myopia at the larger store.

      The flowers are nice. xx

    • Yes Mr F,

      Coincidental timing was amazing. Honestly, no-one would believe it hadn’t been planned, if they had no idea of the circumstances. It’s only about ten days since I gave the benefit of my thoughts to the senior store manager during a phone call. He was on a day off, the lady was covering store management in his absence, A.M made an unannounced visit, then, totally unaware of these events, of course, I strolled in.

      The bouquet is lovely. I hope there are improvements too, just to get the store functioning back to how it was not that long ago, would be good. xxx

  2. I’m pleased you were able to give them what they said they were asking for! Very satisfying, and the flowers are a bonus. Now to see if they improve.

    • I honestly don’t think it’s a tall ask to get this store operating how it was a few months ago, Gilly. Their store staff reorganisation, and I would add a misjudgement of ability and skills somewhere, has had much to do with the current poverty of shop floor focus. The new employers of the experienced retail staff who have gone, will benefit enormously from their skills.

      The flowers were a huge surprise with sentiments genuinely meant. I felt quite emotional.


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