Government spokespersons, or is it a lone person, whoever it is/they are, they/it remain/s nameless, nameless, publicly contradicting the tide of feeling that there is in Scotland following areas in England and Wales to vote for Brexit. …….No there’s no appetite in Scotland for another independence referendum vote…….then, sometimes adding, there are no grounds to pursue it, Scots do not want it…… Well now, to paraphrase…have the Scots got news for you!


The Westminster Government, (now there is one) believe having spokespeople talking up the impossible will arrive at what they want as the possible.  The Scots are not that easily swayed. They’ve been duped once in 2014, by Westminster Government promises that were turned on their head the day after the Independence Referendum result.



To many who voted to stay in the Union, The Union was a complete package with membership of the EEC. I have not yet met one person on my Scottish travels who wants to be part of Brexit.  Sure, there was a small percentage in Scotland that did vote for Brexit on the 23rd June 2016,  I have not met any of them, or, anyone who admits to it.  There are individuals who the media find to provide alternative pop vox.

For the record, what I do hear is that people who sincerely voted to stay in The Union last time, would now vote for Scottish Independence.

My ongoing unscientific sample supports the Scottish resounding YES  vote to EEC membership. There are a number of sound reasons for this sentiment, the biggest one that is voiced, is that the EEC has been instrumental in maintaining peace between the European nations.

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If, or when Scotland becomes independent from England, there could be a very rocky time, but then, we are only just  beginning to see the reality of where Brexiteers are taking the UK;  uncharted waters to rockier times on a much bigger scale.

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10 thoughts on “THERE IS NEWS FOR YOU

  1. Thanks for this M! Confirms what I (an outsider, living right down on the south coast) have been sensing/and saying for weeks……Let it be…as the Scots want it… There may well be an influx into Scotland from their southern border…. 😉

    • It is important to Give the Scottish perspective to counter nonsensical propaganda, Bushka.

      The statements being promulgated (spouted) now, remind me of the dishonest tales of the ‘resounding trial success in Scotland’ of the Poll Tax. We know what happened there and when it was imposed UK wide, (if not, we should know). We should also know where that tax was consigned to.

      • I have to agree. The further one is away from source, the less depth of thought is given. Thoughts turn in or to the immediate surrounds. Accepting what is fed out to the population is an easy option.

  2. An interesting post. I do wonder what will happen with all this over the next few years. I certainly wouldn’t like to guess as it could be very little to major upheaval. xx

    • The Westminster back bench Brexiteers have their cutlasses out. Modifying influences, Mr F, may well be difficult to install. We are seeing the edges of upheaval, not just for the UK, but globally. Many people are not aware just how globally intertwined the EU is. The extremes are just two choices and they both lend themselves to turmoil, notwithstanding what else is happening in our world.

      Thanks for the comment.

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