Last night’s sunset was just amazing.  I am not sure that photos can do it justice, (my pictures perhaps) but, I could not resist trying to get a souvenir.

I ran around in different directions to get as many pictures as I could to record the colours and patterns in the sky.


The skies changed to this almost gentle pastoral sunset scene.


It was incredible to watch nature’s vast moving pyrotechnic kaleidoscope.P1000417-Sunset-5-WbThis was just so stunning. Could  the camera  handle the image? ….it is a ‘high five’ in my book.


The windows of neighbouring houses were fiery too.


Soft focus and a lot of flaming reflection.









As I turned to go indoors I saw this dreamy celestial scene.


Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Remember the adage “Red sky at night, Shepherds’ delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd’ warning”.  We were really looking forward to a good day, today. Where oh where did the ‘delight’ go. Most of the day was dry and overcast. There were a couple of brief periods when the sun appeared.   Late afternoon, a stiff breeze blew up which had a chilly edge to it and it tried to rain.  (A few wet blobs plopped down on my head).

There is no sign of any kind of sunset this evening, the sky is leaden, darkening and it is raining. My sunset picture record gives me a nice warm glow.





  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Your pictures certainly do it justice but I bet the real thing was breathtaking. I just love all the blues in the first pics, gorgeous and most unusual! Lucky you!xxx

  2. Hi Snowbird,

    The Regional weather forecasters last night, made a point of mentioning ‘glorious sunsets’ at the beginning of their blurb. There must have been a reason for such a show, if it was mentioned, I didn’t take it in!

    It was odd being below the fast moving colourful skies, rushing around to see what might be a better than better vantage point. I gave up and moved around at a steadier pace looking and clicking. I didn’t check the pix till today because I wanted to spending some time viewing what was up above.



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