My surface mail to Canada and America went off in time for the last surface mail posting date in mid October 2016.

The packages would take minimum four weeks and a maximum of five weeks to arrive, said the post office clerk.  

The stated timing was perfect; early slow mailing is economic and in any case, there was plenty of time for slow delivery.  The packages could have taken six weeks to arrive and still been in time.

Five days after posting, I received my first thank you email for my gift.   It was soon followed up by a second one……………. Ships, coach and horses, obviously sprout wings.


    • I don’t feel organized, Snowbird, mailing economics was foremost in my mind. I’m not great with last minute hassle and stress. It suits me to be paced.
      Thanks 🙂 xxx

  1. I remember several years running your commendable efforts to get gifts away in good time. From living in Nigeria I know how much it means to have a gift arriving ahead of the celebration. Satisfying to receive that thanks!

    • What an interesting perspective Gilly.

      Most years there’s some moment, or, interaction that crops up when, in particular, I am sorting festive mail.

      This year, preparing the various ‘home-based’ packages, and thinking about other social issues, is rapidly becoming a welcome distraction from the domestic and global political convolutions.

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