Black Friday has at least taken the media focus off some of the dafter stuff going on in our little island. Apparently, zillions of us will have ‘bet’ on buying online bargains within a twenty-four hours period. The knock-on short -term employment generated by this activity must have its good and down side. The existing delivery services cannot cope with the demand, so are increased and complemented by all sorts of distribution methods. The zero hours contractors,  come to mind as do  as do self-employed drivers  many of whom, work to tight margins.

2Many retailers in the U.K, both online and in the high streets, like Black Friday, (an American Import) as it generates the consumer to shop. It is said that the U.K is big with online shopping, more so that many other countries worldwide. Logistically, retailers large and small have to be creative.  One way to be creative has been to extend bargain hunting with special offers for a about a week before Black Friday and a week after.



Yours truly has ordered a book, not especially because of Black Friday, but, it’s just that I remembered about it; so while the grey cells were working, I decided to go for it. The book will be delivered by Royal Mail, (what’s left of it).  I think I do quite well, as a rule, shopping in sales at other times.  Most of the inspiration for gifts I buy is found that way.  This year though, inspiration has been in short supply, a bell-weather, I think, of a tougher  retailing  market.


The mass purchasing activity of online shoppers in a small window of time will give an equally huge short-term boost to turnover and sales.  However, when this feverish activity is over and the  annual accounts are calculated as a whole, economists say,  it does not necessarily enhance the balance sheet; the annual accounts, they advise, will even out.  On the other hand, if that is the case, without any shopping boost, the annual business balance sheets may look a lot less viable.





    • More people will learn to be parsimonious in their consumer habits, I believe, Mr F. Budgeting must not be the preserve of one or two generations. The way the economy is panning out, those of us who can do and have done it, it will revert to type very quickly, others will learn to draw in their horns, so-to-speak. xx

  1. My Uncle used to say “It’s only a bargain if it is something you need”. The decision whether someone is employed, self-employed, zero-hours etc is made by what’s cheapest for the business. Recently the media has been reporting the perils of couriers, the impossible routes, dimension defying loads, do-it or you’re fired attitude of providers.

    • Hello AnneMarie,

      We still use that maxim your uncle used; never a truer sentiment. It is always worth repeating.

      I saw the programme you mention, about the pressures on self-employed couriers and the risks taken by them. Each type of delivery service, it appears, has had its work practices highlighted at some point in the last couple of years by the media. Awareness-raising is good, but it is only as supportive as society will, or, can afford, it seems. There is a really difficult state of delivery service affairs. I can only see it becoming more difficult and more competitive.

  2. I can imagine the pressure on delivery services! I have purchased two Christmas gifts online tonight, my first ever online purchases. How the effort of it all hurt my head….I am slowly being dragged into 2016 kicking and

    • I would never say you have been slow in living in 2016 – you use a website rather well and linking it to other social media etc. You also work with technologies like your camera. You also upload pix to the web and, probably do loads of other interesting 21st century things as a matter of course without thinking about it.

      Online shopping is a different ball-game to all of the above. (BTW, do you use the ‘net to find and book any of your holidays?) Nah, you’ve plunged in and done a bit of bargain-hunting on an advertised major sales day. Pleased you found something to suit. To make your purchases, you have used the skills you already have to undertake internet shopping. Brill…. ❗


      • You are far too kind, I have hubs and daughter to help me out when I screech…if it wasn’t for them I doubt I’d even be online! Sad but true….I have come on though, slowly but surely, it took a lot for me to trust the system and buy online, I used it to buy overseas friends Christmas gifts, no postage either, there are perks to this online shopping! We do book most of our hols online, I have the locations in mind and hubs of course does all the booking. xxx

      • Shopping for overseas addresses with retailers who are based in the country and can supply is a definite boon of internet shopping. The stories I hear about sending out parcels big and small to far away places, which cost about the same, or more than the contents to post, are legion.

        One little parcel of mine to Italy was not far off the cost of its contents this year, the main reason being that Royal mail have made a price differential of about 5p between second class mail and 1st class mail to mainland Europe, thereby ensuring they maintain a neat profit, and the punter doesn’t gain by being prompt with early posting and obtaining a much more economic [cheaper] 2nd class.


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