Airy Fairy Wonderland Alice…Bouncy Clown-ess and LED LADY


The woman in the red coat adorned with bright LED fairy lights, looked at the bakery goods displayed in the glass covered counter in  front of her, every -so- often checking her mobile phone.   Like her, I waited too.  We continued to wait…and wait.  LED lady  looked up at me and we exchanged smiles.  Two other women, dressed up for the local fun day, were serving at the far end of the counter, which provided for the Baker shop café customers.  At our end of the counter- sales – a young girl dressed up as Alice In Wonderland,(AIW) had her back to us; she studiously ignored everyone. The high visibility lady covered with sparkly LED lights glanced at her phone once more and then left the shop.  Alice in Wonderland looked round, glanced at me, then turned back to whatever it was she was doing, writing, I think.


I conjected that if I waited a few more moments I just might be served. I knew what I wanted to buy, it was pre-wrapped, so, it was just a question of selling it to me.  I thought my patience was being rewarded when a clown-ess, (one of the duo of staff attending to the café) bouncily arrived opposite me……. My mistake, she was involved in playing a game of choices for someone in the café, who, incidentally, arrived in the shop the same time as I did.



Excuse me, can the assistant over there serve me? I pointedly asked.  Clown-ess raised herself on tip-toes to peer over AIW’s shoulder.


Clown-ess -said, She’s busy doing shop admin”. With that she rushed away and with a smile called out Someone will be with you soon”.  

Me – Looking directly at Clown-ess at the far end………I’m going; that’s two customers you have just lost”.  And I went.


This is not the first time me and other customers have walked from this shop.  There are two other similar business in the same vicinity that have gained from the chaotic customer service. Goodwill is fading fast.



10 thoughts on “Airy Fairy Wonderland Alice…Bouncy Clown-ess and LED LADY

  1. Such attitudes are inexcusable and saying to a customer that she’s busy doing shop admin is crass. It’s little wonder that they get any customers acting as they do. xx

    • Gill, it’s difficult to answer the question. It is not my first experience, my weekday return visit 10 days ago, was okay, hence my visiting again. The business management knew fun day would be a busy day, the provision of bakery mid afternoon was still ample, yet, was this because sales were down? There are all sorts of questions to be asked and answered, not least about management…’s not my business, not a problem I need to concern myself with. The unsold products will speak for themselves.

  2. I mentioned this ‘event to a guy in another store Snowbird. Being a small community he couldn’t say much, the eyebrows and pursed lips spoke more. “You should have come in here for juice and cake, instead,” he said. (‘Here’ is a pharmacy) xxx

  3. There are two establishments of a well known franchise in our towns, both are horrendous to get served at because one staff is trying to work two counters, or the two queues (walk-ins v sit-ins) are out the door. It’s the blockage they cause on the pavement area that is a bind and one establishment is putting planning permission for outdoor seating area, nightmare!

    • When there is little traffic space on a walkway, careful consideration should be given to how the space is used or cluttered. If permission is being sought for a walkway clutter that affects your safe passage, it could be a good time to put in an objection AnneMarie.

      The use of the staff available and the supervision of their work would be handy for improving the business culture your way, by the sounds of things, and ours too. xx

      • I think the staffing is endemic across that franchise. The one after planning permission is on a pedestrianised street so there is space, but it gets cluttered already with the benches the Council put in the middle by the time you add the oversized mobility scooters, Childs pushchairs and people milling about, it’s quickly contested.

      • Crowded and filled public spaces can be daunting. Being a pedestrianised space shouldn’t put you off for stating your reasons for objecting; if nothing else, you will be raising awareness of thoughtless design and how it might be improved for everyone. x

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