After depositing a present for a child in a Gift Bank, I was presented with a net bag full of milk chocolate money coins.

The first nursery kid I saw on the street got them. I did ask the [taken aback] surprised, parents first.

“Oh goody chocolate”, said the kid as soon as he saw the bag, which he rapidly reached  forward to snatch, iniating an embarrassed  parental chorus of, “ Say please and say thank you”.  Neither nicety materialised from delighted single-minded junior.

…….”It’s Christmas.” I said, and went on my way.

I couldn’t resist looking back.  The grown-ups had happy smiles on their faces.

4 thoughts on “A BAG OF MONEY

  1. Hi Mr F,

    It is fiddly removing gold or silver foil, or, I suppose, any foil from chocolate ‘money’. It has the advantage of stopping instant gratification. 🙂

  2. I am sure I saw a tongue-in-cheek article that the value of chocolate is higher than coinage, where a £1 chocolate coin actually cost £1.50 haha.

    (Still working on the notification email thingymedodo)

  3. 🙂 I had a cheeky thought like yours too. But then, I got tied up thinking about the various economic permutations, like the cost of manufacture,the actual quantity of chocolate in each coin, the size of them, the overall chocolate value, the cost of bagging and labelling, delivery to the store, etc. etc. It was better not to give myself a headache I decided!! x

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