I decided to buy a subscription to an e-card site.  ‘Subscription’,  does, in this case,  mean I pay for  the service; it is advert-free. (I do receive the occasional ‘free’ e-card from people, usually, they are totally obscured by pop-up and flash advertising. They can put you off e-cards).

I have access to a big selection of imaginative e-cards for more occasions than you can dream up, and there are note-cards as well.  Like in a card shop, you can assess the product before you [buy] send. I can also choose  what date I want it to arrive.

It has been intriguing seeing what does not work and what does work for e-card recipients;
  • A very, very small number say the e-cards are ‘naff’…fine, they have a choice not to open the card.
  • Some people don’t give their email addresses, so I couldn’t send them an e- card anyway.
  • Wistful responses for the tangible written card were quite common.
  • Rare, but I have been asked not to send e-cards.
  • A few contacts don’t have their computer systems configured to open e-card mail.  However, they are notified they have been sent an e-card and from whom.  People let me know their position, usually with thanks for the thought.
  • To the majority of my mailed e-cards there was a very positive response.


  • Believe it or not, I was reprimanded for not sending a letter!

    This subscription gives my friends a nicely presented e-reply note.  They don’t have to, but they do use it.

    • There is a lot that has worked for me; I certainly would not be buying the equivalent numbers of cards, nor posting them around the UK and other places in the world. The e-card subscription has added a positive more immediate interactive layer to worldwide friendships
    • Hoping 2017 will be more peaceful than the last, that  the year will be good to you, and  I wish everyone a healthy and happy year!


  1. I received several ecards this year and really enjoyed them, more than paper cards strangely. I liked the music too, I am thinking of subscribing myself, certainly more cost effective than stamps which now cost an arm and leg.
    All the very best to you and yours, have a wonderful 2017.xxx

    • Arm and leg postage costs do generate imaginative thinking Snowbird. I send some cards, they are fewer in number than they were. Sending letters with cards is also something to be watched, the template, I swear, is getting narrower than ever. It doesn’t take much to tip you over into a ‘large letter’.

      There’s fun to be had with good e-cards.

      Wishing all of you the very best for 2017 SB xx

  2. As you know I’ve been sending, and indeed receiving, Jacquie Lawson ecards for some years now, both at Christmas and other times of the year. I like them and the response I get from others has always been good. I still like to send ‘proper’ cards, but as postage costs increase ecards are a good option.
    Thanks, and to you too. xx

    • As you will know, I am in total agreement with you 🙂

      There’ll come a time for a large proportion of people when sending cards will be an unaffordable luxury. The next generation may, in fact, may shelve the idea in its present form, preferring I.T. communication. As the saying goes, we’re probably ahead of the game.

      And warm thanks to you too. xx

  3. I often get sent Jacquie Lawson cards, which I find slightly toe-curling, but once I’ve got over that, I quite enjoy watching the birdies and the deer and the flowers all creating an impossible ideal world!

    • What I find challenging is remembering which cards I may have sent to whom in previous years. It’s a great memory game! On the other hand, if I want to dig up history, it is possible to retrieve some detail, though, not all. One compromise I have made for specific contacts, is, if I can send an e-letter, I will post a card. There are some people who do not have I.T at home, who I want to stay in contact with, and this does reduce the mailing options.

    • Of course the grandchildren love the cards…they could spend hours with the Advent Calendar/s. They seem quite constructive and in a fun way.

      Thanks for comments Gilly.

      • A friend of my own age (who should know better) sent me such a fun Advent online calendar, with Christmas tree baubles to open each day and lots of activities like online jigsaws, or designing your own Christmas jumper. I spent much longer than usual opening my calendar …

      • Oh, I think I had that e-Advent Calendar Gilly. One of the days took longer than the rest, I had to leave it half-way through and didn’t get back to the Calendar for a week or more. I forgot which date I stopped at. I began again at the new date. At the end date, I looked to see what date numbers were still outstanding and rationed my time developing and playing with them. I still have the link to the Calendar. I don’t know if it is still live. The paradox is, if it is, I have to decide whether bring it back to life!

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