It’s always the way, isn’t it, when you need to print something the ink tank is empty.


Honestly, I haven’t intentionally pushed the ink cartridges to their limits.   I ordered a whole new set of inks, which should have arrived by now. They are either delayed or lost in the post system.  The order cannot be reported by the company to the post office as lost, for another week.print

Maybe the order will arrive tomorrow, or perhaps Saturday. Post arrives at all different times, including late in the day. So, I will wait till tomorrow afternoon, after that, I shall have to buy alternative supplies.  As the printer is just a few months old,  I have ordered, at some expense, original ink cartridges.  My next step and backup is to research where I can find alternative printer ink supplies.  If the order does not arrive, I have decided to bite the bullet and buy the substantially cheaper compatible inks.


It’s always the way.



14 thoughts on “IT’S ALWAYS THE WAY

  1. Hello Mr F,

    Thank you. The errant packages arrived late this morning. Not quite perfection though….one of the black ink cartridges is the wrong size, (I did ask for guidance on the order before making it) and it just happens to be the one that actually requires renewing. It’s always the way!

    • Treble Grrr Gilly. I have now managed to source the correct tank, (I hope) at a price. The on-line company have asked if their cartridges are still pristine in their packings. How do they think I discovered the error in the order!! I shall reply, with civility.

      They agree my version of ordering events and tell me, ‘regretfully’ the one cartridge was and is out of stock. ISATW…

      • 😦 This scenario is all too familiar! It’s ridiculous when ‘they’ tell us that the package must not be opened. Simply idiotic. We’ve used refilled cartridges for many years and they are satisfactory, although perhaps don’t last as long as new ones. But sometimes, needs must.

      • Absolutely…but Gilly, the one silver lining is, I believe, that the more expensive of the two cartridges is still wrapped and its box looks okay! I shall probably require the unwrapped one to replace the current one, which, for now, works. 🙂

  2. I recently replaced my old HP printer as it refused to accept the new nor the old cartridges (both an alternatives) … Then discovered HP have tinkered with their software so only HP cartridges will work. Sneaky buggers!

    • Hi AnneMarie,

      You’ll probably find that someone, somewhere, will replicate the new HP ‘exclusive’ fittings.

      I know that HP have an automatic cartridge replacement system, when inks run out, there is a chip in the printers, I think, that feeds HP the information. You have to sign into this I believe. It was advertised about a year ago, with replacement prices being very attractive…sort of, ‘catchee monkee’ prices, methinks. Once the idea catches on in high volume, I’ll bet the prices will rise. It is a captive customer market once you’ve signed into it.

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