I was having a phone chat  with a very happy sounding lady called Kelly in the  telephone accounts department.  A couple of messages had attracted a surcharge as picture messages and I could not understand why. There was not a modicum of a picture in sight in either one, not even an emoticon.  I read the two messages to her and counted the digits in one of the them – fifty-five, (160 is the text limit).   Kelly just couldn’t understand it… I checked my settings, all okay there.

As I still had the messages and could account for what they were, she agreed a refund to my account, then added with a sigh;

I hate smart phones, they’re getting too smart for me!” 


8 thoughts on “QUOTE FOR THE DAY

    • I like your handling of the provider trying your hand.

      In this instance, I made the call AnneMarie to question my bill. I am fortunate my provider does not bother me with sales calls, and may it stay that way!

    • Gilly, if the truth be known, an awful lot of us would say the exact same thing. That said, smart phones do get to places where other phones can’t go, (to paraphrase a well known advert! )

  1. Having recently acquired a smart phone, I am in awe of them, I thought I would only use it to make calls or text but find I am using maps,the torch and a host of things I never dreamt I’d use. It truly is mind boggling what these things can do! You have me smiling, I’m glad you got your refund.xxx

    • I hooted with laughter at that crie de coeur, Snowbird. kelly, was taken aback, so I repeated what she’d said. Then, she understood the impact of her wise words. It made for quite an animated business call. The refund was an added bonus to the chat.

      The concept of smart phones and their capabilities are mind-blowing. I only scratch the surface. Even that’s stuff I could never have envisaged as doing and utilising just a decade ago. I’d say the same about computing and computers, except, that does stretch back at least another decade. The one has definitely led on to the other.


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