With all that’s been going on, and very publicly, here and abroad, I have been at a loss to know what to think.  If I feel disempowered, how on earth must millions of other people feel.

Those that can, have grouped up and made their feelings known in public places around the world, often at personal cost to themselves. The amount of courage and positive human energy there is to care, is truly amazing.

I am not qualified to speak of what the security services at all levels do, or, what they do not do.  Like most people, I only know what morsels are given for public consumption. I am extraordinarily grateful to have been able to live a life that has been mostly safe and away from major conflicts. There are so many who cannot say this.  Every day we hear heart-rending stories, many of which are streamed into our visual consciousness to our homes. It does make us face the reality of the suffering that has been and is being endured.

With the current ruptures, of a type generally unknown to many of us in our lifetimes, our own comfort blankets are disappearing at speed.  The peace in Europe of the last seventy plus years is politically in the balance and it is also affected by major influences from other continents. There is a serious ramping up of aggressive rhetoric.  Where will it all lead?


12 thoughts on “WHERE WILL IT ALL LEAD?

  1. I echo your sentiments, where will it all lead, nowhere good that’s for sure. I’m afraid to put the news on these days. Let hope individuals save the day, people power has to come into play.xxx

  2. It’s astonishing, isn’t it. Impossible to have imagined in advance. There are not only the feelings of anger and helplessness over the way Donald Trump is speaking and behaving, there is also the challenge of trying to understand why so many millions voted for him. What sort of mind set is that? And as for our own politicians, there’s a (very small) part of me that feels almost sorry for Theresa May. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. A very unenviable position to be in. And I daily wonder, how much outrage can I feel? For self protection there has to be a limit, not to mention levels of energy. It also takes a great deal of energy and willpower to step back and try to take a more level-headed, wider view than the highly-charged opinions expressed on social media. I admire those who put their money where their mouth is, and go on a march: but I am very sure it will make not the slightest difference to the Trump administration. This is somebody who doesn’t give a fig for people and their opinion if it is not the opinion he wants to hear. Are we looking over an abyss … or is there a footpath? And if so, where are those with the wisdom to find it and lead us?

    • Your last sentence, a crie de coeur, is very much an unknown. The Trump disruption in less than two weeks in office, is unbelievable. I hear an unwelcome voice in my ear saying…’ you’d better believe it babe’. Trump will revel in his impact, it massages his natural tendencies and questionable ego. And there’s four years at least of this term of office.

      Re travel bans: word has it the security viewpoint appears to be that pressure is being applied on countries that have not implemented the travel security levels that the U.S want. There is a name, which I forget, for those participating in the security group. The countries not on the exclusion list, Like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, have implemented such things as Iris recognition into travel documents. However, this does not offset the dreadful fall-out, nor the manner in which the executive order is being applied worldwide.

      The mind sets you query, are much like those we are seeing here (UKIP), which, without wealthy donor funding, (courtesy, A. Banks in this case) which, without a very right wing media, (Courtesy, mostly, Rupert Murdoch….revenge is sweet) would, I believe, have made a lot less traction. These elements are all still on the stage. Consequently, we have the Conservative right comfortably taking on the UKIP mantle, many, exposing their true colours, and of course, it squeezes UKIP space. None of this says though, that those who felt neglected and marginalised, would have remained silent. The Referendum was their opportunity, whatever arguments were presented. We have no way of knowing what the outcome would have been if all voters had understood the facts from the fictions. So, outcome, home grown polarised politics on all sides, turning in on themselves, leaving the ship of State virtually rudderless. We’re seeing much the same elsewhere, close to home, on the continent of Europe.

      Your arguments very much, go to the heart of the matter. Teresa May is in a weak political position with other nations and the USA administration. In the latter case being the wrong gender for Trump and also being commercially needy because of fracturing relationships with the E.C.

      How it all will play out globally with someone who doesn’t or cannot weigh up pros and cons, who chooses, apparently, not to seek consensus from his own Government, who is surrounded by a caucus of advisors who can probably manipulate him, is cause for great concern.

      Russia and China are on the horizon too.

      Thanks for your thoughts Gilly and much appreciated.

  3. A thoughtful post which I agree with, and sympathise as to the increasing lack of certainty in the world today. There are times when I feel like totallydisengaging from it all, which I do for short periods either plotting or reading. xx

    • ….”There are times when I feel like disengaging from it all”. That is a depth of feeling that sometimes overwhelms me too, Mr F. I too, turn to distractions, I guess it’s what we do because we can…..for now. These are very troubling times. Thanks for your insightful comment. xxx

  4. I am developing whiplash from all my head shaking. My TV wants to put itself up for adoption because I keep shouting such unladylike expletives at it (not just news prog so, dramas and the schedule have heard my wrath)….. I can foresee the current upheavals teetering on the brink of civil war in a nation or two.

    • You could be horribly correct AnneMarie, by whatever deity though, I hope the brinkmanship that has been ramped up will be reigned in. We have already seen what has happened with other civil commercial and so-called religious wars, the death, pain, destruction, displacement and international limbo that survivors experience.

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