So far:

We’ve had external storm damage to the house, a rogue storm that came through between Doris and Ewan; reparation work costing lots of money is weather dependent. We wait.

P1000459 A pair of Fulmars

My microwave failed two weeks before its manufacturers’  one year warranty expired.  Getting this unwieldy appliance to the service department is  a story in itself. It exhausted us. Upon discovering the failure was due to a known manufacturing fault, which included a range of appliances from a specific production line, all requiring modification, I asked for a new replacement.  It arrived this week.-1

Next,  my three and a half months old monitor crashed. A bit of problem solving, moving plugs into different sockets, brought the monitor back to life and it gave me a crash report. It was okay for a couple of days, then went blank several times in one morning, followed by what looked like the mother of all crashes. Problem solving didn’t work this time. While speaking to the Technical Help department a couple of hours later, telling the lady how dead the monitor was, the screen burst into life!

The conversation then went like this…… her“Monitors don’t give messages. it must something to do with your computing equipment”. 

I wished I’d taken a screen shot of the message.  More chatting  followed about the symptoms and pathology of the sick monitor…

her-  Could I try a different HDMI cable. (Everyone has a spare one of those…NOT!)  I have just the one available, the one that was supplied with the monitor. 

monitor-ok-iconBack to the store service department the monitor went. I couldn’t dismantle the base from the screen single-handed.  I ended up cradling the monitor in one arm and also carrying the box. The service department lady and I performed a tug-of-war and separated the bits so the monitor could be re-packed.

The really nice bit.…..without a mention of inconvenience, loss of computer use, or anything similar, I was offered the loan of a spare old monitor, with which to keep going. It was “doing nothing”, sitting on the shelf gathering dust.  An HDMI cable was located for me to use. I had not brought mine, but in any case it was agreed a test run with my own cable connected to their monitor would be useful. This way, I have HDMI cable back -up, should it be needed.


14 thoughts on “SO FAR:

  1. How annoying. I hope that house repairs go okay. Not only do items like these don’t last but getting them repaired or replaced is all too often a real palaver. I sympathise. xx

    • Hi Mr F,

      ‘A real palaver’ resolving commercial issues, is spot on. While I have the zeal, I would prefer to conserve the energy that of necessity goes with it.

      Thanks for your good wishes for the storm damage.

  2. It is strange the way things like this happen all at once. I sympathise, especially with the damage to the house – I do hope not too major. I’m glad you got a new microwave without too much hassle. And yes – my son gave me his monitor and I simply could not work out how to get the screen on to the base. I discovered it needed brute force, which I found scary. You are right in saying it’s a two-person job! Excellent that the staff were helpful. I hope it runs OK with your cable.

  3. Hi Gilly,

    Many thanks for your thoughts and good wishes. The house has the type of damage that requires a helpful weather period. Sleet, rain and snow, will not do, neither will very high winds. The tradesmen must work safely at a height. 🙂

    So far, the old loaned monitor and my new-ish HDMI cable, appear stable. I haven’t had any wobbles and there’s been no need to use the spare loaned cable. May it stay that way. My main difficulty was finding the monitor on/off switch! Eventually, I located a small sort of rubbery toggle switch under the bottom rim of the screen, dead centre with the manufacturers’ name. It brought up a series of menus. Then playing with the toggle, I got to assess which elements were useful . When the monitor powers down, a little square lights up in the top left hand corner to tell me its attached to the HDMI. That’s the point where I get onto my knees to locate the electricity power switch and turn it off. Blank screen…….bliss.

    It was very calming to be given the assistance I received in the tech support department. It’s a shame there isn’t a video of the tech lady and me working at separating the base from my monitor.

  4. My mother was fond of saying that things always happen in threes! Sounds like you are under attack on all fronts! What a pain it all sounds, I do hope you are insured for the house repairs and they get done sooner rather than later. What a stroke of luck, the microwave quitting just before the warranty was up and bless the folk who provided that cable!!! xxx

  5. Ah yes, Snowbird, insurance. We believe buying into the best features on offer means we are insured…yet to be confirmed.

    I haven’t had to use the loaned cable yet. The set up is working well with my own HDMI cable. If that continues, and I hope it does, it would point to the problem definitely lying with the monitor. xxx

    • Hello AnneMarie,

      The gremlins actually started annoying us during 2016 with some major unpleasant surprises, the least unpleasant, but nevertheless very annoying were:-
      New Kitchen –
      New tap dripped as soon as it was installed. Replacement was fitted. It started to leak at a joint. After inspection, a different and more expensive design of tap was plumbed in at no extra cost to me, other than a journey to make a selection from alternative taps available. Okay thus far.

      The wrong oven was fitted and it was awful to operate. After some tussle, the one I wanted was installed and apart from needing to learn the dial signs, it works a dream.

      Replacement window fittings installed – failed. As there were so many, it had to be a bad batch. Cost to us was a long journey to return the first lot, time which we could have used to better advantage. When most of the second batch failed, the company arranged for a local contractor to uplift them from us, (apart from those on windows without closures, we could make temporary use of them…they did fail as well).

      The three issues I mentioned in my post were just the tail end of a long weary list. I hope we get a break from it now. That said, the house repair has yet to get underway. Wish us luck/ 🙂

      • Oh. My. Gosh!

        I truly feel for you. I am sure that diligence to work has disappeared, like common sense and general respect, from the working community. It never used to be this bad, nor as difficult to get rare failings fixed. Nowerdays, it will go wrong and will be a battle of time and money to get it fixed.

        BFF’s major kitchen refit took eighteen months to snag, threats of court and online negative reviews failed to motivate the company to fix things, and when they did, they made it seem they were doing BFF & her hubby a massive generous favour!

        Hope things settle soon, you could do with the break.

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