I just want to add my very sincere condolences to those that have been publicly recorded already, to the families and loved ones of  those who were bereaved in Central London yesterday.

I am also thinking about the people who were injured, to all of you, your families and loved ones, my very best wishes.





8 thoughts on “MY CONDOLENCES

  1. Hi Gilly,

    With heavy heart, I agree with you in all respects. There is so much human destruction in current times, it is hard to comprehend. Our parents and grandparents had a better grasp of these traumas both personal and global. It was not easy for them. Why is man so brutally awful to our own kind?

  2. I echo your sentiments with a very heavy heart, some people don’t make sense to me…so much natural horror, why inflict more? But …there is always bad news, the good never makes the headlines. I have to believe that somehow this world is balanced….although endlessly complicated….xxx

    • Hi Snowbird,
      …endlessly complicated world, is about right. There is much good, as you say, there is also much cruelty. Remembering 2005, this latest horror, did not hit me in quite the same way, though there were similar deep senses of confusion and sadness. Also, the sentiments of life having to continue.

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