It defied any logic I could think of.  An email informed me that my monthly fuel bill was increasing by nearly 101%  in a few days’ time.  Ouch! The day before I had an email apologizing for not advising me in advance that an increased debit had been taken from my bank account to pay for it.   I phoned the company. What superhuman patience and effort was required to wait to speak to someone, someone, who was not very helpful.  She was probably fed-up taking the flak from an army of very irate customers  who, likely, had the same experience.

The huge deduction was being taken ….wait for it………………..in preparation for when my current billing arrangements expired in three months’ time and I would automatically be transferred to a [bog] standard higher variable tariff.  Wha-a-a-t!!

In business, not good business practice, I have heard of “Do it then apologize after”.  This was a blatant example of it, an absolute abuse of trust.

Whatever happened to the regulation that requires advance notice, (about fifteen days I believe) of end of contract and best renewal offers.

Today’s letter, the one I should have got sometime before my account was pillaged,  described in general outline how the increased deductions had been calculated for everyone.  So, back on the phone today trying every trick in the book to get an answer to one of my calls.  It was too late to stop my bank account losing an extra large debit, but I have stopped the following two from happening. In the interim, I will formally request a refund of the engorged credit I have on my fuel account.

I have emailed my concerns and made a formal complaint about these spurious and dubious management business practices.


15 thoughts on “PILLAGE!

    • Snowbird, you are so comforting…thank you. xx I have two responses today, to my two methods of complaint, thus far and an offer of £25 compensation. The core ‘rationale’ blurb requires a bit of critical scrutiny.


  1. I sympathise. It’s little wonder that they have such terrible reputations, and all seem as bad as each other. I hope that you get it sorted, and a proper response from them. xx

    • Hello Mr F.

      So far today, I have received two apologetic replies. One is to my first email expressing serious concerns at the business’ behaviour and querying the rationale underlying the issue; the second, replies to my circumspect descriptions about their practices. Their reply gives an outline of permissions the business has that allow it to vary debits. I have also been offered compensation of £25. I shall assess the correspondence. I am not convinced about their written excuses. xx

    • Hi Bushka,

      You are right, there is something radically amiss. I am currently thinking about the responses to my complaints, which I now have from the company.

  2. It’s extraordinary what these companies try and get away with. And will continue to do so unless you and others like you stand up to them. I wish you patience enough for that journey!

    • Hello Gilly,

      I can’t say I am looking forward to the expending of personal emotional energy, but, the abuse of trust with debits and the handling of the matter will have to be nailed in some form or another. I will leave the company’s replies sitting for a day or so and then give more thought as to how the matter will be pursed. x

  3. I feel your pain! My company think an annual review takes place every nine months, they think of a number divide it by my age, double it and take away the minutes spent on the phone with them. To use my favourite phrase, my monthly debit goes up and down like a pair of whores draws. I sure hope, if they want your continued custom they better apologise, refund and compensate.

    • Hi AnneMarie,

      Your comment suggests there is a painful regularity of ‘try-ons’ with utility companies under the guise of annual, (or not so annual) reviews and a beautiful little addition of *customer welfare*. It seems we should charge for the personal energy the companies force us to expend on sorting out their dubious practices!


      • Nice one AnneMarie. I said something on similar lines, less succinct though, with a few polite additional descriptions about their business behaviour bordering on criminality.

        I now have to think about my next wee salvo to their slightly belated response to my last one. xx

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