Pandora’s Box

I meant to unplug my charged up  e-tablet and ended up instead, opening up Pandora’s Box.  Don’t ask me why, I can’t tell you.  I opened a file drawer.  It’s one I have used for nondescript and personal  ‘stuff ‘.  Mind you, I have been known to create a folder or two there, just because it wasn’t over-stuffed like the actual filing cabinet we both use.

can-of-worms-vector-id180621048For a couple of hours I was absorbed in reviving memories, (a lot of them not good ones) and slimming down the contents of folders. When I had finished with the first folder, my hand crept to the next one.   A can of worms had lain there too. This one was approximately a sixteen years old triple sandwich, with a mildew mild top filling,  fizzing chili in the middle, mercifully, followed by a layer of cooling cucumber.

It is hard curating sorting out your own ‘stuff’, your own interconnected paper trail of life.  I found I was not able to be totally objective.  Even after many years, emotions can and do ripple. I wonder if I had planned to do this job, I might have felt any different.

A shredded bucket of my life later, my pack of plastic pockets has swelled with a great many Woolworth’s ones that I freed up. (That’s a store long gone).  They seem to be a better quality plastic pocket than those they share the packet with.


16 thoughts on “OPENING PANDORA’S BOX

    • You’ve done a fair bit of sorting and archiving too, Gill. I am at an earlier point. I am thinking about archiving, though what I did today was unplanned. I can’t call it spontaneous, because honestly, I am not sure that is what it was.

  1. Oww brave you! We can get sucked into these things, sometimes it is interesting when something rips off a plaster of old how it does or does not hurt. Did you find anything nice, like a £50 note? Lol.

    I wish I was less sentimentally attached to my ‘products awaiting purpose’ (that’s pc for junk), I think it’s because I need to feel connected to the greater world or maybe just don’t want to offend anyone by ditching something they spent tone and money on in thought of me.

    • No, no financial treasure trove to be found in amongst the papers, Anne-Marie. Perverse treasures, perhaps.

      Like you, I have sentimental difficulties about gifts. Letting go, when I have, has had to be worked through.

  2. Delightful…..Yes, I found your post most delightful! Not meant to be sadistic…;) So true….revisiting an be both ‘painful’ and ‘amusing’….

    • Hello Bushka,

      Spot on, ….”revisiting can be both painful and amusing”. Often the dollop of one overshadows the other. After all that sorting, I left the room forgetting about my e-tablet, the very thing I went to get in the first place!

  3. I’m laughing at you forgetting your lappie!!! Suddenly being confronted with a painful past can be painful….sounds like you did some deep cleaning though, mentally, emotionally and physically! xxx

    • That’s an interesting thought Snowbird, ‘deep cleaning the past’. It was certainly a sharp dose of reductionism in all respects. The thought of more to unearth sometime hence, doesn’t enamour me, but, hey, it has to be done.

      I couldn’t think how I had started that sorting process, then remembered my reason for going to the room in the first place,…some time later. That was one great big senior moment!! xxx

    • I guess you’re right. Whatever motivated me to face the life sorting path, probably was the only way it would have happened. I get the feeling I shouldn’t analyse it too much. xxx

  4. I’m pretty good when it comes to not keeping much stuff like that so don’t have to face sorting it all out periodically.
    I miss Woolies, it was a good store for gardening items among other things. xx

    • I made a resolution many, many years ago, Mr F, when I sorted out someone else’s worldly goods and chattels at their request. The resolution was, that I would not hoard and I would minimise my own ‘filing’, my goods and my chattels. It hasn’t stopped the keeping of ‘important stuff’ from building up. 😦

      I have elements of the lives of two people in two separate cardboard boxes. That level of minimisation I feel sad about, though it is neat.

      Yep, Woollies was good in very many ways that today’s ‘economic stores’ are not. Their Ladybird ranges were excellent.


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