To avoid forgetting anything, I wrote up a list, each item in itself proving to be a journey. These journeys all connected with technology.  I needed a structure, something I could see, refer to, add to, (things kept slipping my mind…so much going on) and as each item was actioned, I wanted to see it marked up as ‘started’, or, scored through as ‘done’.

I deal with security updates as soon as I am alerted.  I also scan my system to see if I’m all up-to-date. I can mark that one as…….  Continuing task – done for now.

A friend seems to have disappeared off my radar.  An email I sent about a month ago has not been returned, I think this might be good; but, her home phone number no longer connects.  She was treated for a serious illness a few years ago.  An internet search brings up old information.  Inside, I am on an emotional roller coaster. I mark this search as ‘started’, (journey to be continued).

Ransom malware has caused major, major, seizures of computer data, disrupting  UK  Health Services and many business systems.  It’s a concerted worldwide attack.  Technology and security experts talk about maintaining the security and integrity of computer operating systems.  An important security patch was available from March.  What the circumstances may tell us is, that this is too complex an event to be resolved by a concrete answer. This is marked ‘Stay Aware’

Try as hard as I might, sending a money gift securely to a new baby,  living abroad,  has proved exasperating. There’s no obvious reason given to me from a list of possibilities suggested by the company.   Mum sends  new information.  But, the website continues to stop the transaction.  However, because the latest information is correct, the company can tell me that there is a security issue with the account to which I am trying to send the gift.  Keeping the link closed is protecting accounts from potentially being compromised, including mine.  Wow! Am I glad of that!  What a journey this one is.   Task marked ‘Started’     (… problematic).



10 thoughts on “JOURNEYS…

    • Thanks Mr F. Not sure which is the road untrod in finding out what friend’s position is.

      Keeping things simple is worth a try, inevitably, you get thwarted with that one; the simplest-looking things are carefully crafted and often achieve their simplicity out of complexity.


    • Hi Gill,

      Hope all is chugging along okay at your end of the world. Thanks for your comment.

      Friend is a concerning niggle. I am mulling over what my next route of enquiry might be. Yep, time does go by.

      I have downloaded more updates including security ones; the process for this particular lot of updates was a bit unusual. My guess is, there are many I.T doings connected with the cyber attack. I thought at one stage my computer would never be the same again. However, after a few deep breaths, all’s well…… Just so long as I, and little individuals like me, continue to be protected, so be it.

  1. I often wish I had you around here to organise me!!! I am hopeless re the detail and if it wasn’t for hubs and daughter I doubt I’d even be online. I do hope you contact your friend, it’s always a shame when someone drops off the horizon…xxx

    • Oh Snowbird, I really do think you are superb, how could you do all that you do without a bit of disorganisation. There’s always a little element of chaos that motivates me to organise my doings. I used to have the habit of creating aides-mémoires when my grey cells were supposed to be at their very best, the To Do list is just an extension of it. I’ve tried without, the grey cells performed quite well, however, I decided to compromise by creating the list again, but, to remember what should be written on it!

      Good new on the friend front, I can now score that journey as completed. Just about to do it…….
      Very satisfying indeed. 🙂

  2. With regards to sending monies over seas …. Have you tried PayPal, it seems the most straightforward and secure as well as cheap (bank wanted £45 to send £100 to a bank account in the USA, not likely!)
    It’s a nice feeling getting organised and plotting progress. I’m trying to get to better grips with my tasks, as with yours, there are setbacks and problems, but we SHALL overcome.

    • Yes, AnneMarie, we shall overcome, or, go with the flow.

      Yup I agree with you about PP. It is they who have been looking after my security. Also, I agree with your sentiments about bank charges. Like you, I’m not going down that route.


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