How are you finding the book?”  I was sitting quietly on my own in the bar eatery, reading.  I was interrupted, gladly, with that question. I briefly studied my questioner, a lady with two boisterous children in tow.  I tried not to screw up my face, I don’t think I was very successful…….”I’m having problems with it

her – “So did I….it was a bit Hickory, it went on a bit“. ……..



Me -“I think I understand what you mean; It’s hard work, I am skimming more than reading“,  adding that the book had been a gift about three years ago and I had just got round to reading it, (well, trying to).

We enlightened each other about what other books we had read by the same author, none so tedious as this one.  “BUT!” she said with a great flourish and a big smile, “I did read to the end …I finished it!”

Today, after another couple of attempts, I firmly decided I was not going to continue to wrestle with the book….there was  no point.

IMG.0683 Tia 1

I might come out to play now.

13 thoughts on “WRESTLING …NO POINT

  1. I know that feeling! I tend to be over-conscientious and feel that I ‘ought’ to finish a book, in the same way as we were always taught to eat everything on our plate. With retirement comes a little emancipation, and I occasionally abandon a book in the middle. However, there’s always a creeping thought that if I’d persisted, it might have improved … :))

    • Hello Gill,

      I was in a cafe ploughing through mounds of conversation in the book, then skimmed extensively to find something of the plot, (I’d never ‘read’ and turned pages so swiftly) at which point, I sat back and said out loud, to the amusement of those nearby, “enough!” I unceremoniously closed the book and sat back. Emancipation…I’ll say.

    • ‘Concede’ Bushka, that is sooooo diplomatic.

      For the moment, I shall read some pamphlets and a magazine or two. My other book is a serious one about other people’s money, which I can dip into as and when…perhaps more ‘when’ now the other book has been cast off.

  2. My sympathies as it niggles me when I read a book that I end up skimming or giving up on completely. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often. The pictures make me smile. xx

  3. I don’t give up often on a book Mr F. I recollect one other where I had one chapter to read to finish it. I quickly glanced over the last page, I really didn’t require the many pages working up to the denouement.

    Pleased you enjoyed the pictures. xx

  4. I thought maybe it was Moby Dick, the only book I gave up reading ….. but when you said you skipped lengthy conversations that ruled that out. I’ve persevered with a couple of books and by the end felt a slightly hollow victory, I’d beaten the dissatisfaction but lost time being entertained, it’s my stubborn awkward streak lol.

    • Hello Anne-Marie,

      Definitely not Moby Dick. The book was Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver. She’s got an education background in the biological sciences. In a previous book, one of the three I have had, (read two) She used that knowledge very slickly and cleverly, I thought. I got a lot from the book as well as overall enjoyment. It was called Prodigal Summer. I loaned it to someone, who then decided I ought have another book by the same Author, the one I have just emancipated myself from. I just could not put huge mental effort into something that was bugging me as much as it did. Someone else might have fun with it and on that assumption it has gone to a useful cause.

      Mr Snoozy, who is twelve, was being doggy minded for a day or two, by a friend who I visited, I found his snoozing habits with his doggy duvet irresistible. Just had to share…


  5. This had me laughing as I’ve just thrown in the towel with a book I can’t get into, everyone loves it, The Falling Angels by John Walsh. I simply can’t put a finger on what’s annoying me, it’s a slog so has been abandoned….for now. Just loved the pics here, a picture paints a thousand words!xxx

  6. Isn’t it amazing how ‘everyone’ loves a particular book. I have had the misfortune to buy a couple of Booker prizewinning books that left much to be desired, including one by Hilary Mantel. The first offering I read completely because I had paid for the darn thing. I decided the author’s mother was a far better exponent of the art. Mantel’s book, which I bought, was thoroughly annoying and split opinions very greatly. Her device of not naming characters as they arose in the narrative I found really off-putting. I went on-line to check what other readers were saying about the book. I was not alone, far from it. I did not read her second Cromwell book, I waited for the TV (the visual) adaptation.

    Thanks for comments. xxx

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