It has been the [wet and damp] season of Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Is One going to a Garden Party?”  I was asked this week as the rain teemed down…….

No, One is not”.


One was wearing an all weather peach outdoor coat with hood up.  One was  also carrying a soggy, exotic fruit patterned cloth bag with a book in it; in addition, One had a casual, very wet sloppy, but, almost weatherproof, plum- coloured shoulder bag slung crosswise on Ones torso.  The look was finished off with rain-soaked black trousers and a pair of damp trainers on Ones feet.  Not exactly a picture of ‘My Fair Lady’ attired to meet the requirements of Royal protocol, One thinks.



    • Gill, I sincerely hope that one can be a more radically pleasing wet-look trendsetter than one was! Agreed, a new trend in party wear, apart from price labels left stuck on soles of new footwear, would be most fascinating to see.

  1. Oh I don’t know, maybe the trainers break protocol, depends how trainer they look. Judging by many I’ve seen attending ‘one’s’ garden parties, mirrors are not complying with trade description or some could do with ignoring the size label and wearing clothes that fit!

  2. Nope, Anne-Marie, ones trainers were definitely trainers- somewhat damp, as the rainfall was a bit more than a spray for showers and minor street dirt, could cope with.

    As for labels, it was very amusing on one such occasion to see ladies being disgorged from taxis in all their finery, with price labels still stuck to the soles of their shoes!!

    Some figures of both genders could be treated more kindly.


  3. Delighted One has made you smile, Snowbird 🙂

    Anyone in heels would have sunk well and truly into the soggy manicured lawns of The Holyrood Palace garden gathering. Anyone wearing a fru-fru hat would have been hanging onto it while stuck in the mud. What a picture this conjures up. I am very pleased I was not invited to participate!


    PS I’m getting very few notifications of comments, unless, it seems, people have subscribed to ‘likes’. There’s much behind-the-scenes tinkering methinks.

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