These cases can go either way.  After eight months, we have a result to our complaint  to The Office Of The Financial Ombudsman about our insurance company’s refusal to agree to a storm damage claim.  The bricks and mortar of our house was comprehensively insured with belt and braces cover, or so we thought.   Some of the communication with the insurance company, when we got it, was minimalist.  In general, communication was one-sided and time pressured to suit the insurance company’s agendas.  We began to wonder what we  bought insurance for……

As you would expect, the Insurance company challenged our claim at every stage.  Luckily, we had one useful photo of our house showing how it was before the storm damage occurred and we were asked for a copy of it.  I’m taking  photos of our house regularly from now on!

We were told by The Ombudsman’s Office whatever the outcome of our complaint, repairs could be done.  In Spring, during a useful weather window, the repair work was  completed. We were, however, still in limbo with the insurance claim.

Last week we got the Ombudsman’s final decision… our favour; the insurance company have got to accept our repair costs and  pay our claim.  Yay!!!

…..Naturally, we’ve signed up to the decision.

R E S U L T!






15 thoughts on “Result!

  1. I detest insurances! It’s legalised extortion. Twenty-five years ago when I got my mortgage ‘they’ wanted me to have life cover, able bods fee £4 a month, my cost £40 because I had a condition that was untreatable, irreversible and slow degenerating.

    Bravo with fighting on, these companies are quite arrogant and Bolshevik!

    • Anne-Marie,

      In view of what you say, you may be eligible for a misselling pay-out. If you haven”t already made a claim, don’t wait till the end of this last two years period allowed to make PIP and other misselling claims – note it is not just PIP that can be claimed upon- and you don’t have to be still a customer of the organisation/s involved. Martin Lewis’ moneysavingexpert has guidance on it, proforma styles of wording and probably the forms as well. It is iterated that making a claim is straightforward and does not require the services, which you will pay for, from an intermediary. Hubs was actually contacted by a firm we no longer had any relationship with. A misselling claim was submitted and sorted. PIP claims are often worth more than misselling ones, but then, think of the money paid out in the first place.

      As for being charged a premium for health issues, I have spent frustration and energy on it. You’re right, there is, as in most areas of life, huge inequity and iniquity exposed in all our dealings.

      Thanks very much for your comment. Much appreciated. xxx

  2. It’s little wonder that we generally don’t like insurance companies. I can’t recollect when I last heard anyone have a good word to say about them.
    Good for you for fighting this and well done on winning. xx

    • Thank you Mr F.

      Contentment and insurance companies would be an unusual pairing, to say the least. If I have ever had what appears to have been reasonable service, there will always be a huge sting in the tail, if not soon after, certainly at a later date.

      We are relieved to have succeeded with our claim, now it has to actually be settled.


  3. Isn’t that disgusting, you pay good money out and have to go to those lengths to get a legitimate claim sorted. So glad you won out! We are having similar issues with an insurance company, a leak has been located, they will pay for the labour involved in locating it, but not for making good the pipework, the do’s and don’ts are astonishing. Like you I shall persist and keep at them,

  4. I shake my head at this Snowbird. The pipes and connections to the utility are, presumably, on your property, not out in the ‘three mile limit’ where, the Water Boards have responsibility.

    You have my solid support for your stance. There’s a wall of weird and wonderful limitations dreamt up by insurance companies to try to evade their contractual responsibilities.


    • Yes, internal, in the kitchen, we discovered an easier option, rather than tear up a tiled concrete floor, relocate pipes and leave well alone. After many bristling conversations, they will go with our option as it saves them money, so they will pay….why is it always such a battle? Imagine Houston, those in India sadly have nothing to fall back on. Just floods, and having their dwellings torn down when it’s dry. I do feel for these people, but as privileged as I am living here I will get fair play as you

  5. Clearly, the insurance company were ‘trying it on’. They wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on if you had had their obligations examined by an authoritative third party. There are so many people who cannot challenge these big beasts. Another good result, so pleased for you.

    I like the sound of your reworking of the pipes. It shows, without a doubt, that having alternative access, maybe through another type of floor, or, untiled space, is really worth thinking about. May I use your email to PM about this feature please?

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you say about the people caught up in the awful floods in the USA and in India. In their own ways, the raging weather and its affects continue. The aftermath will be so difficult for them all.


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