Nothing in particular to report, though there is plenty to occupy my thoughts. There is is just too much.  I don’t imagine for one minute that I am alone in feeling I am on thinking and analysis overload.


© M-Digital Doodles

Living in such tumultuous and shambolic times it would be easy to behave like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand.  In the Russian equivalent analogy,  the ostrich  is  ‘hiding its head under its wing’.  The Russian Ostrich would have a cosier and warmer hideout, with the ability for an occasional surreptitious glance out to see if worldly things were a little quieter: peaceful would be really good.


© Photo By M-Wishing-In-The-Wind


9 thoughts on “WISHING IN THE WIND

  1. Hi Mr F,

    Another allotmenteer in your ranks is a certain Mr J Corbyn. He is probably thankful to be able to retrieve some personal sanity on his plot, and in the communal potting shed, when he is there, before he returns to the ‘local’ affray that we are all aware of.

    a few seconds of deadheading some well battered flowers (an apt accidental metaphor) was remarkably therapeutic, even if very brief. xxx

    • Hi Gill,

      I’ll have to come back to you about the App. It isn’t called digital doodles, that is the title I gave my, erm, art work. I had a bit of care-free time in a workshop and that was the result. Someone else created a balletic flower. Thank you for the appreciation.

      I quite like head under the wing…it’s sort of comforting.

      • The App I used for the pic was Procreate available on the Apple App store. It’s about £10. However, there is another free one I have had recommended, I have it, still to explore it, called Adobe Sketch. It has been used for the demo iPads in one or two Apple stores. Have to say it looks promising. 🙂

  2. I love those pictures and the title, Wishing in the wind…oh to have some wishes. The world is becoming a troubled place, I’m with Gill, head under wings it is.xxx

    • Thank you Snowbird. Yep, I fancy a few wishes, we could all have a massive wishing session! I’d pluck my head from under the wing for it, no tweets allowed 🙂

      The world is indeed a troubled place.

  3. Stormy turbulent times, silent secret enemies working alone, globally, nationally, locally and within ourselves. nothing is straight forward anymore and nothing works first time. Somewhere we have to find peace, space, calm, to reset ourselves.

    • You are so right Anne-Marie. At individual level, we can, if able and allowed, work on space and calm for ourselves. It is not as part of the global picture something to be completed alone. This the rub, humans being what they are, they will never agree to solutions, keep resolutions and enjoy living in peace. Short termism in politics in this land have also further undermined possibilities for decades. There is also the mutuality of undesirable impacts from global sources.

      It makes putting the head under the wing a very attractive proposition…..for now, till heads can be put together for the benefit of mankind.

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