Never Heard Of Barak Obama

I promise, I really and truly was not searching for anything.  This nugget popped out of nowhere today.  I originally wrote it nine years ago.   I am not sure if I published it then, but, if I did, please excuse me for being tempted to post it again.  You’ll see why……..


I have actually found someone who has never heard of Barak Obama.

I found this hard to believe but after some further probing, I realised it was true. This young person, (of voting age) thought I was talking about…

“Some man who was going to do something to Scotland”.

This in the middle of a beauty therapy session, padded up for my most un-favourite therapy of toning up useful muscles while lying in a prone state.

I jerked up in surprise, nearly electrocuting myself in the process, “Do something to Scotland. What?” I queried.

Getting all those people out of their houses and off the land”, she answered.

Obama?” I thought of modern day Highland Clearances and was truly puzzled.


Her mum had talked to her about it and people were going to fight to stay in their houses.

Realisation dawned…………………

“You mean Donald Trump !“, I exclaimed. “He’s the one that’s just got planning permission to build a golf course and luxury hotel complex on the Aberdeenshire coast.”


© Chicago by M

The lass looked glumly at me and commented with feeling

I hate politics, all that rudeness, shouting at each other and fighting. I can’t stand it, I really hate politics”.

No doubt about that.





10 thoughts on “Never Heard Of Barak Obama

  1. It has become a nauseating tirade so often. It is not surprising, Mr F, that people of any generation are turned away and turned off from an important aspect of society. There was also something quite disarming about this young woman not wishing to be tarred with the same brushes. Xxx

  2. Hi Gill,

    Hopefully the young woman will have separated out the individuals by now.

    The one man who held out against being moved off his land to make way for a Trumpian development, did win and stayed put, despite some unpleasant tactics by the sons and others. Plus ca change.

    Agreed, she certainly spoke for many of us and the weariness in the young woman’s voice spoke volumes too.

  3. Your last point is close Anne-Marie. Jnr Trumpies and Trumpy were forced into a work around by the sterling resolution of a lone Scotsman who was nothing if not equal to their pressure tactics. he was not going to be forced off his land and out of his home.

    There was also some frisson between T himself after that, and the previous first Minister Alec Salmond, about coastline views being spoiled out at sea with Wind Turbines off the coast. That got short shrift.


  4. I can understand her being so disillusioned by politics, seeing the orange one in action is truly shocking, I can’t bear to watch him either! Oh my…your beauty session sounds a little…..painful!xxx

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