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Have I ever come across such incompetence before…..No:  Have I ever seen such a complicated cock-up before…..Almost, but this one pips others to the post.

After five months of chivvying a utility company along and a having a variety of unexpected experiences, with no sign of an agreeable resolution, I have got to end of my tether.

From Monday of last week I had my nose to grindstone. I gathered together five months’ worth of information to make a formal complaint to the Office Of The Ombudsman (Energy).  Once that was more-or-less sorted, the information had to be put into a non-emotive and concise presentation; ‘emotions not allowed‘ the instruction guidance suggests.  If you’ve done anything like this, you will know it can take days to do.  Sifting through the collection of potential attachments, (evidence) is a must.  Also, attachments, “Must be appropriate to the complaint“.

Midweek, I gave myself permission to have time off.  I had few hours’ break, to go out and see what the rest of my world was doing. It was the only way I was going to bring myself back, bleary eyed, to face the next step…….editing.

Editing is a euphemism for making  savings, word [efficiency] savings; being smarter with words, making cuts.  I won’t bore you with the rest of it.   By lunchtime on Friday I had finished work on the presentation of my complaint and had written a succinct-ish email to attach everything to.

It felt so very good to click on the ‘send’ button.  Now we wait.

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    • All I truly want is not to have to use my time the way such incompetence demands, Mr F. I won’t know what level of satisfaction I will get for sometime -Ombudsman administration is facing about a month’s delay…I’ll bet that’s due to cuts. It’s one of those situations that if you don’t go to the powers that be to obtain rectification and redress, you, the customer get landed with the flack for forever and a day.

      Many thanks. xxxx

  1. Perceptive, Bushka. The official outline complaint form is ‘soft’ on description. I’m glad I wrote my own more apt synopsis, (in my view) to attach to the dossier. My experience of a health ombudsman case – a case which was upheld incidentally- fitted your words very well. I would add two others; obfuscation and minimisation.


  2. It’s exasperating that we’re driven to these lengths simply because some companies are incapable of doing their jobs competently. I wish you every success – keep us posted!

  3. Hi Gill,
    Five months of getting nowhere useful is too long. I reckon if a poor consumer review gets a response, though no trustworthy answers, I should do somewhat better with a third party putting some pressure on….that’s the hope anyway.

    I totally agree with your comment. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

  4. I can just imagine how utterly frustrating that must have been, it’s infuriating having to spend all that time trying to get a little justice!!! Love the bulldog, and all it stands for!!! Good luck!!!xxx

  5. Hi Snowbird,

    The whole buiness has driven me to distraction. The world and his cohort are responsible, maybe even ‘a typo’. No responsibility belongs to the company, which has not exactly moved at the speed of light and operates with minimalist communication, preferably none at all. I could add to the list, but I will spare you more.

    Doggy was actually a big softy, a really equable character and was a rescue dog in his time. Xxx

  6. 🙂 Hello Shimon,

    The dog was somewhat elderly in dog years, and was quite wise too. He was, at the time, coping with very warm weather, so was much more interested in keeping his head wet with dousings of cool water and responding to his admirers. A breathy smile from him was good enough. Why use up energy to bare your teeth unnecessarily, especially when there was such admiration to be enjoyed.


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