On Boxing Day, (26th December 2017) a National Bank Holiday, I was sitting at the centre table of  a row of three tables for two, in a busy village coffee shop, we consumers were all in close proximity.

On my right was a very delightful little girl with her daddy. She was amusing herself with a game and also talking with daddy.  Quite a number of ladies stopped to talk to both of them and she told them she was three years old.

As me and hubs started to sip our coffees I heard………….

Daddy may I go to playgroup this afternoon? […. may I……from a three year old. Wow!]

I commented to dad on his little’s girl’s remarkably good manners.

Dad.…..Oh, we have the Manners Book at home don’t we, and we like reading it.  She nodded

MeHave you got the ‘why’ book……Dad….No   

Meyou’ve got all the answers then? ….

DadNo…..and looking at his daughter….. no,we haven’t have we?

3 year old.Yes you have. …….

DaddyNo I haven’t …

3 year oldYes you have.

DaddyWhy do you say that?….

3 year old….Because you’re a grown up.

Daddy….Oh, I see; grown ups don’t know everything.

3 year old…… uhm yes.  You’re not mummy are you.




10 thoughts on “DON’T YOU KNOW…

    • This child has a glittering future Mr F, if she continues in the same vein. She was terrific. A few people stopped at the table especially to speak to her, (and give a passing nod to dad’s existence). xx

    • Hello Gill,

      I suggested to dad he made a note of this dynamic repartee, lest he forget it…a treasure for future years. “Nope…if my wife finds it, she’ll never let me forget it”.

      On my bus ride afterwards, I noted the conversation all three of us had, so I didn’t forget it.

      I do think dad was enjoying the glow from this outing; such precious time for both of them and a delight for hubs and me.

  1. Hello Shimon,

    I was quite enthralled with the little girl. I think she’ll have a very interesting future ahead.

    I would not have taken a photo of the child given the circumstances. The discussion was so superb, I felt it was one to share. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. From the mouths of babes – reminds me of the t-shirts on our souvenir shops “Screw Google, my knows everything” haha. So Mothers know more than fathers, hmmmmm, might be right there, lol

    • A very perceptive and loaded repost I think, Anne-Marie, and from one so young. I was particularly impeessed with the confident manner in which little girl held her corner.

  3. Hello Snowbird,

    This conversation will stay with me for sometime to come. It’s glorious innocence on little girl’s part, just made the whole thing priceless.

    Thanks for your comments on the pics.

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